…And Then He Texted Me (Damn Him!)

apple-bed-bedsheets-cute-Favim.com-2210733i was laying in bed,
lights off,
texting a friend of mine,
and listening to a playlist made “for me” on apple music.
“a silly little thing called love”
am i the only one diggin’ apple music?
that was a sidebar.
anyway i was all involved in this text session,
plus reading the comments as they came in from the last entry,
when work wolf hit me up…

“u aight?”

i did not think he would hit me up.
i decided to hit him back.
no need to play girl games on some “i’ll hit him back tomorrow” shit.
he doesn’t need to be punished.
so i hit him with a:


i was going to be honest.
so he responded and this is what followed:

“whats wrong?”

“i have a headache”

“i knew you was mad”

“how you figure?”

“you left and didn’t come down to say goodbye to me”

“shit i was tite”

“i really wanted to chill with u tonight
i had to stay
i was hungry as hell
they only brought donuts”

tumblr_nesqgtIaJJ1tr6pz0o1_500hell we was about to go to a nice spot too.
it wasn’t his fault so i can’t be mad at him.
we ended up texting about random shit.
he literally got home at 1030.
he told me about the assignment and how liar liar was all over him.
i rolled my eyes pretty hard.
i didn’t bother to express my disdain for that creature tonight.

“well i’m about to go to bed.
talk tomorrow?”

i’m really not,
but he didn’t need to know that.

“you already know it j”

“have a good night”

“u 2”

i really appreciate his kindness.
he cares about me.
even if it isn’t what i want,
i can’t deny he is a really good friend to me.
i want to keep it that way.
now i’d like to find “him” in a discreet wolf package.
baller wolf also welcomed.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “…And Then He Texted Me (Damn Him!)”

    1. ^i won’t ever end a friendship with him.
      that would be stupid.
      i have to end the “can it and maybe so”.
      that’s the part that’s not working out.

      1. I think thats best to try and get rid of those feelings. Dont beat yourself up though about it because in all honesty its not like you just up and decided to feel the way you do. Work wolf played a major hand. He responds in a way that makes it ambiguous at best. Anybody in your position would think he might be in to them. He responds to you like you are someone he is interested in and then at other times its just some friend stuff. That vixen friend of yours saw it within 5 minutes. I mean its one thing to care for your friend but he goes beyond that. There has to be some kind of explanation for that. Maybe he is unaware but idk. Maybe he responds that way because that how he feels is appropriate fo someone he deems emotionally female. Either way even if he is 100% straight it aint all on u.

  1. That’s very nice of him to check on you and the ability to discern when things are not going well with you; he’s on it and that’s how friendships are built; mutual respect and concern. I like him for you. 👍😍🙌

  2. It was nice of him to check up on you, not that it’s not expected by now. I think it might be time to find a therapist to talk to about your feelings, someone who can really give you the diagnosis You need to be able to put him in the friend zone and get rid of the “will we or won’t we feelings”.

    P.S. As I stated before I love Apple music , they have playlist for everything plus it’s sways recommending something good for me to listen too. I am definitely going to start a paid nevership once my 3 month trail is up.

    1. ^you’re right mikey.
      i gave up on the therapist because they all were booked.
      one was free but not until the end of the year.
      i gave my info for them to call me when they have something.

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