Tyrese Gets A “Sorry” Dragged Out Of Him

well i thought he wouldn’t respond,
but tyrese had something to say in regards to tv “radio” wendy.
you know she called him out for that mouth of his.
he took to ig to post this…

maybe he will shut the fuck up and make movies.
he needed that “negro wake up call”.
i bet the possibility of some stories leaking calmed him right down.
we will see how long this lasts.

lowkey: he could have apologized because he has a movie out.
the powers that b probably chewed his tail off.

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “Tyrese Gets A “Sorry” Dragged Out Of Him”

  1. I’m sorry he is wayyyy to old to be using that excuse of ‘i didn’t mean it like that and it’s how I said it’ no! You knew what you were saying and how you wanted it to come across , I bet if Wendy or any one paid him much attention we would not be getting this sorry ass apology…there’s a new Fast n Furuous out now right ?😞

  2. Sometimes I wonder WHY DO I FOLLW HIM ON THE GRAM? Probably because I really want to fuck him and he fuck me stupid. One of the 2, But this nigga has a talent for putting his foot in his mouth.

    Maybe Wendy is right- he really loves Man and is having a hard time letting women go.

    Things that make you go hmmm.

  3. He realized you can’t sell shit if you’ve alienated women who are the main ones buying books, music, and going to the movies. Lol

  4. His Apology Just don’t sound real to me! He is hiding something and it must be Big!!

  5. All this after the fact verbiage basically equates to, “Please Wendy, don’t tell em, my bad”…

  6. That was a nice apology but we’ll see. Like Jay said above this man’s main fan base is women and not only women but black women. Pineapples and the white audience only pay attention to him when he’s in this supporting role of the Fast and Furious franchise.

    1. ^its crazy how he had more to say on his sexuality when that one jackal outed him for allegedly sleeping with a male exec for the role on “baby boy”.

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