When The Emmy Awards Took A Sharp Left

i didn’t watch the emmys because i don’t have cable.
i didn’t even know it was coming on.
that is how far removed from tv i am these days.
well i saw all the feedback and it was a pretty solid event.
i’m confused as to who thought it was a good idea

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Everyone Needs A Taraji P. Henson In Their Lives

emoji_heart_0i like to think support the people in my life.
i’m not one of these who is jealous or envious of my other’s blessings.
well i won’t lie to you.
before i use to be.
mostly when it came to dating wolves.

i’m also not one to throw someone under the bus for climbing their mountains.
hell i think i put most people above myself.
i just like to see other’s shine.
it honestly makes me feel good.
in such a selfish world we live in,
its hard to find selfless people who will be your biggest cheerleaders.
well i saw one last night on the emmys.
her name is taraji p. henson
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