Listen To “Aun-T” (That’s Taraji)

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 9.25.01 PMso you know i love taraji p henson.
she is the “aunt i wish i had in my head”.
she always comes off like she has a genuine spirit.
i want to meet her one day if god spares my life.
well in typical “aun-t” fashion,
she wanted to drop some advice for the vixens at a recent outing.
i’m sure the foxes could relate as well…


well i’ll have whatever aun-t had before she got in front the mike!
 she speaking truth tho,
but then again,
how will you know a pineapple is raggedy?
sometimes they show their ass after you give em some.

“when a man is trying to get the pussy,
he isn’t thinking clearly and a vixen is.
once he gets the pussy,
she stops thinking and he starts.”

remember ^that.
i guess we all need to tune our bs detectors a little bit better.
wolves too.
they tend to fall for fuck shit sometimes.
i’m glad i don’t have a uterus tho.
imagine being stuck with a “raggedy” pineapple for 18 years?

giphyi don’t know how these vixens do it.

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Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “Listen To “Aun-T” (That’s Taraji)”

  1. Right! Imma start getting my Joan Clayton on and making these dudes wait 3 months before I give them some. Get to know their intentions better before giving them the goods.

    1. ^always remember this patty:

      a pineapple can drop you after the first fuck,
      or wait until the tenth date,
      fuck you,
      and be gone…”

      some pineapples will hold out if they know they getting the ass.

    2. Lol I wanna say I’m right there with you Pattywat but then I remembered that never seemed to work for her on the show 😜

    3. the biggest mistake people make is thinking good sex will keep someone.
      it just keeps them temporarily.
      now mix good sex with an emotional connect…
      they will have no choice to stay.

      learn to keep people dependent on YOU.
      sex won’t.

    4. I keep telling people this. I have always had the rule and I’m a Wolf lol. I also ask them guys five things they like about about me besides my physical appearance. It always works when I want to know a man’s intentions.

  2. I keep my bussy on lockdown. No one can penetrate my bootyhole unless I’m feeling ratchet and in the need for a good knockout then I’m willing spread these cheeks.

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