Aun-T Said You Gonna Wait (UM)

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 9.50.16 PMso everyone is not talking about the golden globes today.
shit was kinda “yawn”,
but they are talking about aun-t aka taraji p henson.
she won “best actress in a television series drama”.
well a majority of people were saying her acceptance speech was ghetto.
they were also wondering if she was drunk.
what do you think?…


 i personally didn’t.
i did laugh tho.
what i love about aun-t is what you see is what you get.
she is full of personality and like she said,
this was “20 years” in the making.
i say go ahead and be you!
this is why i lovvvvvvvve her.
i love what she had to say about the homophobic “empire” haters too:

“We ignore that. That’s nonsense and that’s fear, so we understand where that’s coming from, so there’s nothing to comment on that. The numbers speak for themselves,” she said of Empire‘s ratings. “People are dealing with this, it’s not a joke, that’s why it’s in the script. It’s not for show, it’s not for sensationalism. It’s because people are struggling with this. And that’s why we shed light on it. You can’t make everybody happy, we don’t try to. We just try to touch and affect lives and I think we have. We’re always going to have haters, so here’s to all my haters! I’ll send you cookies, thanks.”

lowkey: this was what shocked a lot of people tho…

Was her performance really “golden globe” worthy tho?

article taken: people magazine

watch all the acceptance speeches: nbc

Author: jamari fox

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16 thoughts on “Aun-T Said You Gonna Wait (UM)”

  1. You question Lady Gaga’s performance, but not Taraji’s? Both of them did not deserve to win, TBPH. Gaga and Taraji had stiff competition… Competition that could actually ACT. Don’t get me wrong, these ladies did well, but their performances were not worthy of being notarized by the Hollywood Foreign Press Asosciation.

    1. ^i can see your point.
      wasn’t auntie viola in that same category as well?
      maybe gaga won because she was getting fucked on “ahs”?
      thats my only solution…

    2. Yep the affinity for “Cookie” is based more on popularity than it being a good role.
      Its the same as Jimmie Walker winning a Golden Globe for playing J.J. on Good Times.

      Love Taraji’s personality and I could see her as a TV show host, but she does nothing for me
      as an actress compared to Viola Davis and Regina King.

      1. Agreed. Also, she does not seem to have grown as an actress over the years. I am glad for her but I wish the judging would have been done honest people (maybe that is too much to ask).

    3. True. Viola runs circles around anybody on Empire and to take it a step further anybody that is on television. In my opinion HTGAWM is one of the best shows to hit the airways in years.

  2. Is AHS worth watching? After Freakshow then hearing Gaga I kinda lost any motivation to watch it. Someone fill me in please

    I don’t see it, I enjoyed her too. She always looks like a fun time, people are too stuck up nowadays. She was ready to fight for the time to name everyone that helped her instead of giving some stupid speech. I love that about her

  3. I personally loved every bit of Taraji’s speech last night. From her passing out cookies to celebs to her telling the person to wait and let her finish her speech. It was all in good fun and long overdue. She keeps it real and that’s what most love about her.

    She’s been in the game for years, and like she said in her speech it’s her role as the real, down to earth around the way, cookie that has her traveling the world and getting to A-list status. Some people saw ghetto but I doubt that would be that pressed if someone like Jennifer Lawerence did it.

    P.S. I thought Lady Gaga was one of the best things about AHS hotel, her acting impressed me and at times was the only thing saving certain scenes besides from auntie Angela and the guy who plays the trans character “Liz Taylor”. I hope that the American crime story : the OJ Simpson trail is all its getting hyped for.

    1. @mikey,

      If Jennifer did it you know they would have said how she was the life of the awards and is so real, lovable, down to earth and so and so…

    1. That’s Will Smith’s son Trey in the bottom right side of your gif😃
      As for GaGs you know how Real actors feel about singers or rappers taking roles,winning awards ,etc.I have never watched the show so I don’t know if she can act.

    2. Leo was being disrespectful. I heard Gaga’s man called him out after the show.
      I will say this…how in the hell did they consider The Martian a COMEDY?!!

  4. She is beautiful she could do no wrong, and she brought the house down. What a riot, she really must enjoy her persona.

  5. Well. I’m here for Gaga’s reinvention. Very Madonna-esque. Art Pop flopped and she just took another route. Earning major critical acclaim along the way. All before 30. Go Stephanie!!

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