The Wolf Pack Who RIP Together


 this story was really sad.
thanks for the update reader.
so i was on twitter last night and saw “rip” to ^those three wolves.
i did some sniffing around and was brought to a dead end.
well i got the update earlier tonight.
everyone meet the late adam bailey,
cordel fowler,
and esu manzano

When three men died in a single-vehicle crash Saturday morning on Interstate 75 in midtown Atlanta it left their friends devastated.

Andre Hilton says he was one of the last people to see his friends Cordel Fowler, 24, Adam Bailey, 33, and Esu Manzano, 36, before their car flipped onto Interstate 75 from the Spring Street ramp.

“I didn’t really have an idea of how many people they touched until this happened,” Hilton said.

Hilton said friends called Fowler “Corky” during his days as a student at Morehouse College.

“Corky would keep you laughing. He would bring life to all the parties,” Hilton said.

He says Bailey was a well-known artist who performed at the Opera Nightclub.

“You blink your eye and all that changes in a matter of a second,” Hilton said.

Investigators still don’t know what caused the Audi carrying the three men to lose control and fall 50 feet onto the interstate.

Hilton says he last saw the trio leaving a nightclub in Midtown around 2 a.m.

About an hour later, the crash killed all three men on impact.

“Life without them will definitely be different. We will always remember them,” Hilton said.

here are some more shots:

they were so handsome.
that “car fell 50 feet” was heartbreaking to read.
may all three rip.
please be careful out there foxhole.

lowkey: i had to wonder tho…
even tho the story is extremely sad,
do we feel more sympathy because they were all physically attractive?

article taken: wsbtv

instagram: adam | cordel | esu

Author: jamari fox

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31 thoughts on “The Wolf Pack Who RIP Together”

  1. Their physical appearance was the REASON for their popularity in the “gay world.” And it was the REASON so many gay people “feel so bad” about their deaths. Call a spade a spade.

  2. Jamari, that question at the end is exactly what I’m thinking. Someone brought it up on Twitter and though I can view it as insensitive, it’s a valid question. Regardless, it’s a tragic situation and according to Don Lemon on CNN Esu had two children with his partner which hurts my heart.

    1. Esu has a two year old son named Trinidad.He just turned 2 about three weeks ago.I saw the pics on his IG.His baby son,Brooklyn is about six months old.

  3. heard about this story on Walter Hampton post. Let not get it twisted we all know attractive ppl are not immune to death. It happens and we all have to meet are maker. I’m waiting for toxicology but already there claims that alcohol or sleeping behind the wheel play a role because they came from a party and supposedly it common in ATL for guys to meet this type of fate. I hope its not the case, if so I promise not to drink for any reason so forth.

  4. Dang… If you covering this then I KNOW for sure they had to be known throughout the black gay diaspora. I saw folks mention this on my IG, then I spoke with a friend who stays near Charleston, and he saw the same story on his Facebook. This is gonna sound cold but hey, I honestly don;t think this would have been CNN worthy if is wasn’t blown up throughout Social Media. Folks die, horrible, tragic deaths everyday and unless it involves terrorists, a homicide, multiple people, or at least a child, we will never know about it. Their cute mugs gained them popularity and that popularity paid off in getting the necessary attention.

    Side note: Sooo Don Lemon claiming his black friends now, interesting.

  5. J, I was going to email you about this story, I wondered was the foxhole going to cover it, but since I didnt personally know them, I didnt send the email. I have a couple of mutual friends who knew some of these guys, but they were quiet popular on IG, I have seen many people I follow on IG and Youtube make tributes or videos. I am finding out that in the Black Gay Attentionista world it is very small and you are bound to know somebody who knows a particular person and that has been the case with these guys. I have seen some debates about their attractiveness on other forums this weekend saying this is the reason this is getting so much coverage. From what I understand, they were all successful, I think the ages of the young men is what touched me, and how it was 3 person tragedy more so than how they looked. Many have expressed sorrow and sadness based on how attractive they were, but I chalk that up to human nature, I have seen many cute boys come to a tragic end and I have said to myself, Damn he was cute, like the young man who was killed by police in Atlanta last summer Nicholas Taylor very good looking dude, but again, I was just as upset when Freddie Gray was killed in Baltimore, death is tragic no matter what when someone is young and cut down in the prime of life.

  6. Of course them being attractive, Instagram popular, and ATL socialites contributes to the sympathy.

    R.I.P. and I mean that as a common decency to ANYONE who dies.

    Anyone know if they raised a significant amount of money?

  7. Don Lemon just ended his CNN Tonight show talking about these three,he got a little emotional.He knew them through mutual friends in Atlanta.He showed a few pictures of them and talked about where they attended college.He also mentioned Esu’s sons by name,Trinidad and Brooklyn.

  8. Didn’t know them, but saddened to hear of their tragic death..may they all rest in peace. Sidenote: “Andre Hilton” goes by the moniker “Exotic Mugler”…he’s Legendary Face in the ballroom scene. An interior designer by trade.

  9. I think the popularity of the men is more so the reason why this has generated buzz in the community. They were pretty well known….and I wouldn’t doubt that their attractiveness influenced their popularity. Most of us know about this via social media…and that is mostly a superficial medium. So if you’ve followed someone bc they are attractive….and they suddenly die…that would impact you in some way. But, there are plenty of really popular (via club promotion, events, etc) not so attractive gay men in Atlanta who I think would have gotten similar attention.

    Popularity comes in two ways…based on the superficial…or you have to actually do something (maybe a combination of both). I don’t know these men, aside from pics, but I imagine their popularity leaned more on their looks. To answer your question. Most especially “Corky,” who had thousands and thousand of followers on IG. I’m sure he was GREAT person if you actually KNEW him…but for thousands of his followers…all we had were his images.

    Also, like someone said earlier, the death of young people always draws significant attention.

    Anyway, It’s sad. Be safe out there guys. Not to assume anything, but don’t drink and drive. Don’t text and drive. Minimize the distractions while driving. These roads are treacherous.

  10. i’ve heard that highways in ATL are very dangerous and maybe the driver fell asleep behind the wheel, driving sleepy is like driving drunk…may their souls rest with GOD…so sad i hate to see young lives taken too soon…GOD i feel sorry for their families…truly gut wrenching

  11. Sad story. RIP. Anyone who would only have sympathy for these men simply because of their physical appearance has serious issues.

  12. I don’t feel sympathy for them because they’re attractive. Things like this always make me sad regardless of how old or homely the person was because that’s such an awful way to go. Death is even more eerie today when you can go to a person’s twitter or instagram and see their last post.

  13. Oh wow this is sad. They were so handsome tho, especially that baldhead who sorta reminds me of Overton from Living Single, but more handsome-er

  14. Pretty sad. I do often wonder though, seeing how people are killed all the time, some you don’t hear about because they aren’t ‘popular’ enough.

    The last sad story I heard was about the black guy who got crushed to death by the elevator after helping a woman to safety.

    He wished everyone one of the witnesses happy new year before he died from severe trauma.

  15. I watched the news and they detailed the way the accident happened, and that broke my heart, may these 3 brothers rest in peace truly sad.

  16. Social media these days increases popularity. Wouldnt have known of it weren’t on IG. And let’s face it..many become famous om IG because of their looks. If not it would have been another accident that happens daily. Unfortunately there are evil hearted people also commenting negative thoughts about the v8ctims. The same sex community is small and truly a case of six degrees of separation but also have mean spirited people

  17. I first saw these guys on Kordale and Kaleb page.They were at the same birthday party with them hours before they died.Steven Beck was close to Adam.Milan Christopher knew all three.It seems like Cordel aka Corky was the most well known.I have seen his pic on about 100 IG pages.
    I think being attractive and being young,Cordel was only 24, makes people more empathetic.If they were in their sixties or seventies.I probably would not have followed the story as much.
    I remember one of their friends saying he spoke to Cordel and Esu everyday so when he couldnt reach one Saturday morning he called the other one and then he got no answer from both.It took 12 hrs to notify next of kin and then release their names.Esu has two young sons.

  18. I know I feel sympathy because they sound like successful black brothers. We always need more like them, I’m sad as hell. RIP 😢

  19. I followed Cordel on instagram and didn’t know any fo the victims personally, but my heart hurts like crazy. All of these guys had their whole lives ahead of them. This situation makes me realize how short life is. RIP to all three of the guys 👼👼

  20. “do we feel more sympathy because they were all physically attractive?”

    I don’t, but you might though.

    I’m sorry for their friends and family, but this story is no different than many accidents that are happening all over the country.

    I don’t I find stories like this clickworthy unless I knew the person(s) personally. Plus pretty boys aren’t my thing.

    1. I realized that I sounded like an asshole typing that. I do sympathize that these 3 black men had to die at their primes. I just felt the coverage of this story as a tad disingenuous.

  21. It’s so fucking sad. I knew Cordell “Corky” Fowler and he was a great guy with a lovable personally. He was only 24 and had a smile that would light up the room. These guys are friends with alot of people in the scene. I send my prayers to all of their families.

  22. 50 feet?!! Damn! I can only hope drinking was not involved…or someone was drowsy behind the wheel.

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