f0xmail: The Escort Wants To Be More Than… Um, Help!



Hey jamari!

Ive been a reader of your blog for about a year now and im addicted. Even though i dont comment much i visit this site on an everyday basis, its like a drug and i need my fixins! I just need anyone’s advice on this problem and i feel like you can help me. I’m a 20 year old bisexual black man who never had any type of experience with other men so I decided to buy one, with no strings attached, or so I thought. He told me he was a 26 year old top that was staying with his brother and his family, so we had to meet in a van during our first encounter. He was tall dark and had a rough look to him like he’s done some prison time( which he has, 5 years). He seemed more nervous than I was, which strikes me odd since it was supposed to be something he was used to. All I did was give him head, nothing else.

I’ve never bottomed and probably won’t in the near future. Afterwards he told me to set up future appointments with him and that hopefully I’d be one of his regulars. Fast forward a week later and he texts me about a deal he would give me if we could meet up again. I agreed to it but this visit threw me COMPLETELY off. During the entire time he told me his entire life story. His past, present AND future! I damn near forgot why I was with him because he was talking so much. Again, I gave him head and was on my way.after that visit he began texting me on a regular basis, while I’m at work and at home. His prices for me even dropped to the point where i feel like hes just taking the money so he wont feel like he wants me for the sex, just for the money. On my most recent visit with him he told me I’m his youngest and best looking client. That same night he introduced me to his baby daughter and sung to me… This is when I begun thinking this meant more to him than I thought.

He’s begun asking me if he can pick me up from work, which I’m not that comfortable with. He even pulled a “test” on me, pretended to get locked up to get me to send bail money to his brother. I didnt fall for it, mainly because I’m not dumb as hell nor desperate. I was asking him questions about everything so he cut it off by saying he scraped up enough cash to get out. After that he told me that was a test and that I passed for trying to help him out. I was ready to catch him and beat his ass after that one because I felt betrayed but I’m not a kid anymore so I let it go… I dint lose anything from it. I recently found out he’s married with kids and he has a different name thank god for Facebook! I kid you not, he just texted and told me my next visits are freebies and that he wants me to bottom for him eventually. I’ve been through so much in my life at this point, from bad to worse.

What the hell should I do about this situation?


well first of all,
i want to say thank ya for tuning in to the foxhole.
it means so much to me.

so reader…
i need you to do me a favor.
can you do that for me?
i want you to head to nike.com and buy one of the following:


…and then i want you to run.
fast.tumblr_nam9i7z9oq1sgyhqdo1_400i don’t want you to look back.
pretend if you even glance over your shoulder,
you will turn to a pillar of salt like lot’s wife.
those running kicks should help in making traction.

as an escort,
he is doing way too much talking.
his job is not to talk.
his job is to provide good company.
whether its to cuddle or to whip his pipe out.
he has revealed he is suffering from “fuckjackal-itis”.

did a bid of 5 years
married with cubs
introducing you to his cub

and the worse offense of them all:

testing you with a bold face lie

Hell-NO-GIFsee that shit right there that bothered me.
why is he even testing you?
that is a major red flag and sounded like a set up.
i wouldn’t even give him the pleasure of infiltrating my bunz.
his whole situation sounds sketchy and you can do better.
folks know,
by just listening,
how they can hustle you out your drawz or money.
some animals are trained by the streets to pick out the weaker ones.
the wolf been in jail and god knows what for.
don’t get fucked.




















tumblr_inline_n78ip4pCOK1r75ceti hope this helps!
keep me posted!

jamari fox

Author: jamari fox

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25 thoughts on “f0xmail: The Escort Wants To Be More Than… Um, Help!”

  1. Jesus take the wheel….and drive fast.

    This man absolutely has nothing positive going on, he is not even worth your time. By the time I read the part about the van, I was done, oh hell no. The test was conducted only to see if you were willing to do him favors no matter the circumstances were. Men like this will use you to get what they want. Then on top of that, he is married, which was something I did not expect. I cannot even get into this like I want to because there are so many problems with this situation.

    Fellas, some of y’all have to do better in 2016. This cannot be life.

  2. I mean I feel like we can say run for the hills, but it seems like this foxholer is in too deep already.

    This comes down to two questions then; do YOU think he is worth the risk and are you willing to forget his past? Don’t be a fool blinded though, try to learn more about him.

    Oh, if you decide to get it in let him know it’s your first time on bottom before. Will save you some pain and trouble 😁

    1. Hell naw he ain’t worth it! His past is his current future. He still has a wife and 3 or 4 kids by her. The only reason i went for it was because i wanted no strings attached…. my life cannot hold the stress of a relationship right now, especially with another male.

      1. 👏👏👏
        I thought you were already hooked! You handled that shit. To 2016, why should a pineapple settle for less 😉

  3. I 1.5 million percent agree with Jamari. OMG like how can you even entertain this sketchy guy? This is way too much and I don’t trust this cause this is supposed to be a hit it then quit it. Please find a professional escort, not one of those snapchat o grindr hoes cause that how you get killed.

  4. I don’t knock anyones hustle. I also know it’s the worlds oldest profession but, why pay for sex? Sex is free.

  5. GREAT advice Jamari! This escort dude sounds like a psychopath. He might even have an STD that he’s attempting to gift. This is just all bad. Note to impressionable readers: DICK IS NOT WORTH DYING FOR!

  6. To the writer of the letter,

    Get like Casper and go ghost on that ass 👻👻👻👻👻👻

    Seems like from the letter you already know what you have to do.

  7. Thank you Jamari! I appreciate you for taking the time to give me some advice! I Just wanted to give you an update on my situation. We got a bit heated earlier today after i told him i didn’t have the money to sleep with him tonight. I had the money, I just wasn’t gonna spend it on his ass. HE then told ME I shouldn’t be carelessly spending money like that…LOL! so i asked him if he thought we were in some kind of relationship and he didn’t answer me. I told him I apologize if he thought we were something other than what we were and blocked his number. Now he’s using those texting apps trying to get a hold of me. I’m done with him, i just hope he doesn’t do anything stupid… He seems like one of those types.

    1. Good. I’m just glad you’re out of that mess! Stay safe out there, and be careful who you let in your life! People are really on one these days! I hope this is a lesson learned going forward!

    2. Nnfanous…if he manages to get in touch with you, don’t fall for his BS. He’s gonna try to sweet talk you in an effort to get your $$$. That’s all it’s about for him….let him tell you nothing else. He will say and do anything to get you to spend money on him. He sees you as a sucker (pardon the pun) and a means to an end…you funding his lifestyle.

  8. I am going to blame it on your age that you got hustled for paying for Prison Dick, an old Queen told me years ago, if you want a hood, prison boy, just hit the block late at night and buy some Jumbo Jacks and Taco’s from Jack in the Box and some Malt Liquor, drive by the boys and let your window down so he can come up to your car and smell the food and see the alcohol and he is yours for the night, give him bus fare and kick him out in the morning, and you are out of $5-7 dollars top. Seriously this dude is trying to take advantage of your naivety and youth. I can guarantee you that after a few more encounters he is going to be throwing his legs up in the air for you to dig in his cakes. Most smart phones these days have a block feature please use it. Good Luck

  9. Don’t mess with dudes like this!! If you’re going to pay for a sexual encounter, get a PROFESSIONAL! Bro! You’re spending money on a BUM! People get in these messy situations for FREE! Leave this dude now please, you should not have paid him a dime for what he’s offering IMO. Get a dude who’s about something, get to know him ,and don’t pay for it, it makes the whole interaction contrived, and actually ENJOY the man! I twould make your experience with a man more valuable, esp. if it’s your first time.
    He’s using you atm. We’re in our 20’s. We shouldn’t be the ones paying for sex. lol…

  10. Lmao he is not a damn escort. Just a dude taking your money to let you suck his dick.

    He doesn’t have any other clients lol

    Where did you find this dude anyway?

    Escorts do not conduct business that way at all lol

    These dudes from the prison system are tried and true hustlers and you were an easy mark and basically now he wants you to be his bitch lol

  11. Wow to sum it up yes your paying for a bum dont feel bad cause your new to the lifestyle weve all been there but i knew wear this was going whn u said he live with his brother an yall had to meet in a van 😳

  12. First the meeting in the van, then the “test”, and finally finding out about his family; no, just no. Delete and block his number, and get a taser.

  13. …I’ve never commented here…lovvvvvvveeeee the page so much Sir Jamari…but back to this young buck…at 20 years old…you’re paying a nig…to suck on HIS dick and satisfy him…let’s address THAT…there are obviously some deep seated insecurity issues here. You’re better than that. You don’t pay nobody to pleasure them..PAY?!?! I wish I would do something like that at damn near 40..he should be buying and treating you…There are some that would tell you that you should just get a professional…but that’s damn foolery too. You’re a young, tight fox…if you stoop to those places just for human interaction…you’re opening yourself to a world of trouble. You’re WAY better than that…

  14. What in the HOLY FUCK did i just read?!?!?! This entry got me in my bag like i’m searching for my house keys i CAN’T i just…i CAN’T…SHIT don’t run FLYYY AWAY…In my Gandolf voice “FLY YOU FOOLS”!!! lol

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