let’s take a trip down south

i haven’t left this city since i went to tampa.
that was like 2016-ish.
so when a friend hit me up last week and said:

“Pack a bag and be at the airport for a 7am flight.
just bring a little spending money cause i covered everything else…”

…i couldn’t turn it down.
where in the world was i going?

NOLA for 24 hours.
it was a very short and spontaneous weekend trip,
but it was much needed to see a different kind of scenery.
i bought my laptop in case i had some free time,
but i definitely didn’t even open the bag it was in.
when i was riding on the highway next to the super dome,
my mind replayed scenes from the news during hurricane katrina.


that was the same highway that got a reaction out of a “woke” kanye at the time.

the trip was a semi-mess even though i tried to make the best of it.
my friend wanted to get drunk and be a 19 college student again.
i wanted to experience more of the culture and eat the food.
we were on two separate pages.
i will say the locals of nola were so nice.
so different from what we experience up north.
here are a few shots and videos i captured during my short time there:

next time i go to nola,
i’m going to make sure its not during any big events.
i want a better itinerary and a full tour.

low-key: i’ll address more of my weekend during the next podcast.

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10 thoughts on “let’s take a trip down south”

  1. NO is my favorite place to visit. My family lives there and we always have the best time while there. We don’t really do the.touristy spots, we move life the locals. I love it. The people there are so loving

  2. Yay!!! I’m so glad you got to visit my home town and I’m glad you enjoyed it because of Katrina a lot has changed my hometown is on life support frankly, it’s slowly but surely becoming a shell of what it used to be but I definitely suggest that you visit during the less touristy months preferably after Mardi gras it’s too chaotic during this time of year so you’ll definitely enjoy it more and to forget about Southern decadence you’ll love it so don’t be afraid to come back and enjoy ya never know you may not ever wanna go back to New Yawk.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Even before clicking the post I knew it was about NOLA! NOLA is one of the best places in the country. Nobody does it like The Boot baby! Glad you guys enjoyed my city !

  4. My hometown!πŸ™ŒπŸΎ It’s not the same since Katrina but it’s still home. Like you said, you have to come back during a regular weekend to really see everything without all the noise.

  5. Jamari, there is SO MUCH Black culture to absorb in Louisiana. I hope you go back soon. There is also GOOD FOOD to absorb!

  6. This is so nice, JamariFox! I hope you had a great time in New Orleans, Happy Mardi Gras, and I also hope lots of good things come your way soon.

  7. My daughter is down there with her college friends for Mardi Gras! I’m jealous. You deserved a break Jamari. Enjoy life. It’s really not that serious.

  8. I went to N.O. one good time and I had a great time but wish I had gone with a gay friend or two because I went with mostly/all straights and it was minimal fun especially without my cell phone on me (it broke so I needed a new one sadly).

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