The Brawl That Left Weave Everywhere

Joseline-eat-mejoseline hernandez is having the best week ever!
first it was brought to our attention that she has an alleged drug problem,
then she was allegedly pregnant with rick ross baby,
and now she went bath salts crazy at the #lhhatl reunion.
so i don’t know if you may have heard,
but there was a brawl.
it involved a melee of people all coming for joseline.
miss deb.
of course tmz has all the footage…

tumblr_m6xbpw8zJj1qbh0eio1_400well i’ll tell ya…
so word through the foxvine is joseline allegedly started everything.
as i “hadda heard”,
it started with althea and her going at it.
it wasn’t until she started randomly with tiffany,
waka flocka’s wife,
that she got the full bmore beat down on her ass.
i heard about ya’ll in the bmore foxhole.
a f-bi sent me everything she had to say on ( x her twitter ):

…before she erased them.
of course.
lastly i heard something about mimi allegedly being kicked down some steps.
i can’t confirm or deny that.
i did hear she is in the hospital tho.
complete and utter ratchet insanity.

stop playing and invite a fox to one of these reunion shows!
i would love to cover it for the foxhole,
plus you know i’m all for “live and in living ratchet”.
hd of course.
the #lhhatl reunion will air in the coming weeks.

lowkey: i hope mona doesn’t edit this shit out.
you know how she do.

video footage: tmz

9 thoughts on “The Brawl That Left Weave Everywhere

  1. Tammy had the red dress on and she got her weaved pulled out. Joseline had the blonde curly due. But i don’t see where tammy beat joseline lol

  2. Haven’t we learned from the Porsha Kenya reunion fight rumor that it’s probably extremely exaggerated. The same with that bald-head girl supposedly knocking out Erica Mena. Her punch went way above Erica’s head and was no where near connecting. Same with Porsha supposedly dragging Kenya and then beating her ass.

    I think a little scuffle happened between Joseline and Tammy, then a few people probably tried to run up on her afterwards.

  3. They are all crazy. Erica, Ariane, Tammy, and Rasheeda are the only sane ones on the show. It’s sad, but the shit is my guilty pleasure.

    Mimi is not in the hospital. Her and Ariane were on some instagram page talking about the rumor. I didn’t believe that rumor for one minute. During every reunion show taping they always claim someone got put the sleep lol.

    1. ^me too man!
      i love watching ratchet people do dumb shit.

      i’m glad mimi is good.
      they was saying stevie j sicked that wild beast on her backstage.

  4. Smh. Why don’t I believe Tammy? She probably threw a few shots to the head and called that an ass whooping.

    1. LOL. I don’t know, but where I am from, if someone even gets a few hard blows to the head, they got their ass beat.

    2. ^seeeeeee…
      joseline got super human strength out here.
      plus you know she got that alleged crack courage.
      joseline look like she bench press boulders.
      i need to see this in action.
      mona don’t you DARE edit.

      1. Joseline damn near tore Stevie’s head ass last season and it took how many men to hold her back.

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