I Want To Buy Him A Shorts Set

BstMGhmCcAAA2DG…i don’t think this is what beyonce had in mind.
i had to ask myself if that was taffeta?
this was just one of the tragedies at the espys last night.
here is another baller wolf who also did a shorts set…

BstLf7VCUAAq34Rtumblr_lzrs97viOi1r7mm5hwell i could deal with delanie walker’s outfit.
i liked that he didn’t go extra extra.
love the loafers.
i’ll take them in a 9 1/2.
maybe 10.

i could also deal with ( x delanie walker ).
thats another story tho.

lowkey: maybe its good i don’t know the name of the first baller wolf.
this is not how i want to be introduced.

6 thoughts on “I Want To Buy Him A Shorts Set

      1. the first baller wolf is walter thurmound btw.
        he plays for the seattle seahawks.
        he is pretty attractive outside all that christmas gift wrap.
        too bad we met on such obscene circumstances.

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