Desean Jackson Expects Something Clear After He Sticks It In

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 8.33.06 PM desean jackson has been violating us lately.
first with these twists.
who told him to try this?
those friends” of his?
well he got rid of that and then he go and post this

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 8.33.18 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 8.33.27 PMand then i did this:

Tumblr_loj312NdTD1qal4zxi guess this rules out a sista in that procreation process?
the “afro power” blacks are going to molly whop them mentions.
all jokes aside,
is it really wrong he said this tho?
maybe it’s his preference?
just like michael sam,
and all the out gays play in the snow,
why can’t a straight wolf want an exxotical baby?
it is his penis and he doesn’t represent the whole race.







don’t hit me.

pictures courtesy: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “Desean Jackson Expects Something Clear After He Sticks It In”

  1. Lol I wanna see black women do this and see the reactions. We see how niggas reacted to women finding Jeremy Meeks attractive.

    He doesn’t represent the whole race but he does represent the majority. To me, you’re sexualizing your child when you want your baby to come out a certain way and it’s a little weird. Like why do you want your child to come out looking a certain way??? I remember Lil’ Wayne saying he wouldn’t fuck anymore dark chicks because he doesn’t want his children coming out dark. So in my opinion, yes it is wrong.

      1. Yeah he said “My daughter is the first and last dark child I’m having.”

        Meh. It comes off self loathing to me that men want their kids looking like what they’re attracted to or find pretty.

  2. Lil Wayne said that? He’s so disgusting eh! He shouldn’t put his penis near any vaginas for fear of the child looking like him..

  3. Jamari there is this un written doctrine that athletes will only screw black hoes as they call them but marry the browning or lighter skinned girls. No apology given it is just the fact. Could be personal preference, preferred look of off spring to be exotic and mixed to enhance his future generation or maybe its the Club Modus Operendie. 4 out of 5 athletes date a person with an opposite skin color, EVEN. MSam….so his reaction and statements come to no surprise to me. The problem is those black hoes, they dont give a damn. They still there to collect the scraps from the table.

  4. i have a cousin with eyes just like that but he’s not that light, he’s about terrance j complexion…that’s just another slight example of colorism no different than what black woman have been doing for years with the whole good hair bad hair comparisons in their communities…hence the legions of black women trying to become this woman that they think black men want…SN: this little girl is so precious lol

  5. His child could come out looking like that if he got with a Black woman. It’d be albino but still, light-skin and blue eyed. I agree with frosty. It’s kinda creeping me out that MEN are fetishizing children like this. I remember one of your previous meat posts said something similar on his instagram. Sorry but preference and self-hate are one in the same when it comes to things like this. I understand a woman saying something like this but a man, and straight man at that. It’s fine if a White men said I want my child to be blonde and blue eyed because that’s a natural occurrence in his race. A black person saying that is self-hate, no matter which way you turn it. 🙁

    Real talk the more I think about it, the more I’m getting disgusted at the thought of these men fetishizing little girls with light-skin and blue eyes. It’s giving me pedophile teas. Also, having babies with a non-Black does not guarantee that they will come out looking like that little girl because NEWSFLASH: YOUR BLACK GENES ARE INVOLVED IN THEIR MAKING. They could still end up having black hair and brown eyes. Same to Lil Wayne.

    J, since when are you on the preference bandwagon when your black ass made two entries, one after the other about Michael Sam and other out-blacks going with white foxes?

    1. ^um…
      ive ALWAYS said id date a snow wolf.
      there is a couple at my job i would take down in a heartbeat.
      ive also said my preference is black.
      i am HIGHLY attracted to any color of fine black meat.
      i do have a slight issue with all the outs being with only whites.
      its almost like they date white people to soften the blow with the media.
      they also don’t seem open to dating black men period.
      i could not see micheal sam or jason collins with a brotha.
      that and they all seem semi cornball-ish.
      heavy on the “carlton banks”.
      just my opinion tho.

      1. WTF jamari?!?!?!

        Whats with the hate for nerdy black guys? theres nothing wrong with carlton banks. Everyone can’t be chris brown or some shade of “cool”. Its absurd. No wonder black people can’t get ahead in this world. Its sounds like the hood rat argument. Tawking bout you want Tupac the heart surgeon. Sorry love, shit don’t work like that.

        You keep doing this J and it worries the hell out of me.

      2. @Ricky Bobby. Basically he’s saying that he prefers his men more urban and street, and by street, I do not mean thugs and roughnecks. He is talking about good men, who have a little urban in them and are similar to himself. Examples would be: Terrance J, Victor Cruz, Larenz Tate Chris Paul, and Lance Gross. From what I know, those are some good men, and not because they are athletes and actors with nice bodies, but because of the way they carry themselves. They are all gentlemen in my eyes, all around good guys that you hear nothing but positive things about. However, each of them can also give you an urban or street vibe without their personalities changing. They still are respectful, polite, and probably can hold a good conversation etc.

      3. @The Man
        Is that all he’s saying though? It confuses me. He seems to hate “cornballs”. You know nerdy guys. A lot of people esp. in the black/latino gay community think exactly like this. So you have “cornballs” those filthy creatures according to some out here all alone. SO he want to have a relationship and find companionship but he’s too lame to date most everyone if he’s in a city like NYC. So what should he do? Stay alone forever?

        A lot of them end up doing big things in life even though they are “cornballs”. Some members of other groups whites, some asians (filipinos etc) see this and like it. Maybe they haven’t been brainwashed by the urban media. They give these “cornballs” a chance. But then you have people like jamari who gripe about this phenomenon but he seems pretty harsh on the “cornballs” himself.

        Its confusing.

      4. Yea, I’m sure that is what he means. I feel the same, but I wouldn’t call those men nerdy tho. He is talking about those men who act like white men in black bodies. They really don’t identify themselves with the black race either. Their personalities and cultures are similar to those of a white man.They just don’t have an urban vibe to them like the average black dude.

  6. It’s clear that African Americans and black people world wide have been fed a steady diet of white racism for–in the US–350 years of slavery and 100 years of Jim Crow and continuing. What is that diet? Well, part of it says that white/European beauty is the standard–stringy hair, pale skin, pointy noses and thin lips. Accordingly, strong hair/tightly coiled hair/nappy hair, dark skin, broad noses and full lips–which is what African Americans and other black people tend to have world wide is inferior! And the features are given extra “good” names. For example, their stringy hair is called “silky” and their pale skin is called “fair” and their pointy noses are sometimes called “aquiline”. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what’s going on. In fact we swim in a river of white racism morning, noon and night in the culture and media of America–newspapers, Internet, radio, TV, etc.

    No wonder we have African Americans calling each other the N word so taking part in their own denigration and oppression. We have African Americans making fun of someone who has tightly coiled/strong/nappy hair! We have African Americans making fun of and denigrating someone who has dark skin! We have making fun of and denigrating someone who has a broad nose. (“His nose is so wide!”) And we have African Americans making fun of and denigrating someone who has full lips. (“His lips are so big!”) White is the standard. Deviate from that standard and you are worth less. (Or is it “worthless” a la Trayvon Martin, Emmitt Till and countless others?)

    No wonder the richer the African American man, the more likely he is to date and marry other than a black (African American or otherwise) woman. After all, he’s rich. He can afford the best house, the best car, the best wine and he naturally wants the best woman to go along with that (and as added benefit produce “better” (read less black, less African) children) and such a woman doesn’t have nappy hair, thick lips, dark skin and a wide nose. That woman is ugly. No, such a woman is “beautiful” and has silky hair, thinner lips, fair skin and an aquiline/European nose. So sick, so self-hating and so racist!

    DeSean Jackson seems to be an anti-black racist. But ain’t that cooning!

  7. Wow she look like my neighbor’s daughter who is mixed as well, except with darker hair. And it true just because you have a child with a white person it doesn’t mean the baby will come out light. My friends’ grandmother is black and Irish, but she’s came out dark chocolate and look more on the African side. And some of my friends(mostly Puerto Ricans and Cubans) had white mothers and black fathers, and they came out looking more like the father. So it depend on the genes.

    The only problem I have with interracial relationship is all these niggas would be staring at me for some reason. Maybe they never seen a good-looking black person who dresses well? They probably think I’m stuck up too because everytime I get close to them I tried to ignore them by looking somewhere else. Force of habit.

  8. All I have to say is just because you as a black person swirl with another race to make a child does NOT mean that child will be Helen of Troy or the most attractive boy in the world!

    Mixed children and people in general are hit or miss in my opinion. Either they’re really attractive…or NOT!

    I’ve rarely even seen a fully white child that I notice is super cute or gorgeous. They’re very plain. Not ugly…just plain. I say all that because I don’t understand the fascination.

    I’ll stick to good old black on black. Even if the baby isn’t super striking at first the odds are very good the baby will grow into their looks. I’ve seen black babies go from looking elderly to beautiful by their toddler years.

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