I’d Rather Their Clothes Be On The Floor Actually

tumblr_n8vkg1Qc3M1tzh35io1_500the fashion at the #espys last night left a lot to be desired.
drake looked good.
many of the baller wolves looked semi-disgusting.
the clothes game was just not poppin’ for me.
well these are ones i liked a little bit…

Thumbsup-alecwait tho…
i’m more interested in this:

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 10.20.08 PM

Drake threw a party after the ESPYs … with a ton of celebs who drank and ate at one of the most outrageous estate’s in L.A.

Mack Maine, Jessica Alba, Blake Griffin, Johnny Manziel, Colin Kaepernick and others partied at the home of Mohamed Hadid … an L.A. real estate mogul who was once married to Yolanda Foster from “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

It’s a 50+ million dollar compound that sits on more than 2 acres.  The main house — where Drake threw the party — is 48,000 square feet.

how much pussy did drake get last night?
well if you don’t know what goes down at “hollywood mansion parties”…

well i’ll just leave this and you can use your imagination:
…yeah they just sat around and talked.
thats it.

lowkey: one of my people told me he went to a hollywood mansion party one time.
fuckin’ everywhere in the crib.

and all kinds of crazy shit.

yeaaahhhhh budddyyyy.
i was so intrigued.
you know i like that freaky shit.
celebs and baller wolves get wild after a certain hour.
sometimes wild with the same sex.

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article found: tmz

23 thoughts on “I’d Rather Their Clothes Be On The Floor Actually

  1. Hi Jamari,

    You are a friend in my head and I’m hoping you or your followers have the tools to do this detective work.

    So, I lurk Lipstick Alley from time to time but am not a member. This morning someone posted butt naked picks of Tip hanging out at a Miami pool with Tiny and her friends. All women in bathing suits and Tha Kang walking around, flapping in the wind. It was public for about an hour.

    The post then moved to a private, invite-only thread. I’m mad as hell I didn’t save the pics.

    You can find them here (if you are a member): Google: “I was just scrolling through instagram and came across this picture spotted ti and tiny having some fun on the sun in miami,outdoors in the open …”

    The Lipstickalley thread will pop up but you must be an invited, member to view.

    I’m surprised none of the major blogs have posted them. I’m thinking it will be a lead MTO story tomorrow or at least HSK.

    Tiny was present and seemingly didn’t care that her man was in his bday suit, strutting around.

    Hope you can get them.

  2. Ok…half of these kats need their ass kicked coming out of the house with those one size too small suits on!! That look doesn’t fit everyone! People need to start realizing that…and soon!
    This trend needs to disappear FAST

  3. Drake? Yuck. he’s jewish. You know what those jews thing of niggers…yes with the er. Beiber let y’all know. But ya just don’t learn.

    1. Exactly. But the rumor is that they are first in line for some black men whether it be dick or ass they love us. Ask around. 😉

      1. @ Jamari Fox and T

        They love us but are afraid to admit it? That don’t sound like love to me. Sounds like a fetish.

  4. Demarcus looked nice, his suit fits his body perfectly.

    Paul and sis looked great.

    Serge and Keri killed it. I’m glad they got back together too.

    I expected more from Russell tho. SMH.

    1. ^My baby Russell looked great! Better than some of the outfits!!! Vic Cruz looked like he just got released from his bottle…”What is your wish, master?” LMAO

  5. J your friend is not off them industry parties are mostly for new comers to get initiated the same sex thing is more abundant than they are letting on. Drake is a huge one and so is Johnny M. And Colin K. That’s all I’m gonna say on that subject.

    1. ^something tells me JM would be an easy transition.
      ive heard about colin,
      but i didn’t want to believe it.
      i guess that explains him running through hoes like it was toilet paper.

      1. I don’t want him at this point. He has fallen off in my mind. From the sexual assault incident to his rumored lifestyle. Nah. They can keep Kap.

  6. In my opinion, he still looks like he has a chromosome missing, most of the males look like they were dressed by Jethro Clampett…and most of the females look like they were dressed by the males.

  7. Jamari, I KNOW you been seeing that post about the stripper saying Drake likes his ass licked.

    1. ^wait!

      lowkey he does look like the type…
      drake looks like the type that would let you do anything if you promise to let him smash.
      very hubby material that one.

  8. Sad that they’re getting their nasty sex germs all over that beautiful house. Makes mansions look dirty knowing Hollyweird throw orgy parties and shit. I wonder if a rich person ever buys one and then wonders why they’re itchy, or why their children keep finding sugar 😉 and pills in every nook and cranny.

    The only mansion I wanna go in is God’s.

  9. i can only imagine…DRAKE i just want to sit on his face…okay let me stop being ratchet…He’s so FINE and i’m usually not attracted to lite skin guys i think that’s starting to change now im even checking Chris Brown out smh i like him with the weight lol

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