The Vixen and The Fox Who Went Out With Her

tumblr_lg46xaheN51qzjqrio1_500you know what i realized today?
i get my energy off people who have made it.
now not these social media attentionistos,
but people i meet who are content in their lives.
they know their financial limits,
but they are able to afford nice things and go interesting places.
those kind of people inspire me.
they make me aspire for greater.
tonight was pretty interesting in realizing that…

so i went to dinner with a vixen i met at work.
she doesn’t work at my company,
but she does work in my building.
we met while we were in the elevator a month ago.
she complimented me on my outfit:

“i like a man who knows how to dress.”

i like a woman who does as well…” was my reply.

…and from there it was on every time we saw each other.
today we had lunch together.
i don’t really play around with the people i work with anymore.
strictly there to do a job and get the fuck out.
she told me she was taking a little trip to saks after work.
i couldn’t resist.

a_3x-horizontali admired how she knew all the sales people.
they call her when something “new” comes in.
i also admired how she was black and playing by her own rules.
even while married to a just as successful wolf with a kid.
the way she made the snow bunnies run back and forth>>>
dropping her american express card on the counter>>>
the look of “bow down” when it went through>>>
it was exhilarating.

at dinner,
she told me about her life and how it took her to reach this point.
she is the manager of her department.
she said something around the lines of:

“while these other chicks were at the club every night,
fuckin baller this and that,
i was home getting my education.
i was working long hours.
now those same chicks that had a lot to say about me…
…broke and washed up.

don’t look at the people in the race.
look at your pace and focus on the goal.
people who are moving fast burn out just as quickly.”

i felt that heavy.
she said she didn’t know me that well,
but she could tell i was about my business.
i exude an air of confidence and “i got this”.
there was many times she wanted to say something to me before,
but she said she felt intimidated.
between how i dress and “the face”,
she didn’t know how to approach.
i told her i didn’t like that at all.


she reassured me that and good thing.
it lets “mess” know off the strength i’m not about it.

“the places you are trying to go with your life,
because i know this style and handsome ain’t gonna go to waste,
you need that intimidation.”

if only knew how much loneliness that brought tho.
she paid for dinner and i was so grateful.
i wanted to order small,
but she forced me to get what i wanted.

“i got you brotha!

she wants me to come over to her condo one of these days.
meet the hubby.
she’ll cook.
have some dranks.
i may just take her up on that offer.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “The Vixen and The Fox Who Went Out With Her”

  1. She sounds like a great new friend Jamari. Although there are plenty of jackals out there, remember everyone does not always have ulterior motives. She could help you in your career. You’re doing the right thing. Just continue the communication but don’t be telling all your deep dark secrets lol. You never know who can may come into your life and benefit you.

  2. Glad you had a nice time and met someone new. Are you sure she doesn’t want you to secretly smash tho? LMAO.

  3. Yay to meeting new protential friends, I’m glad you had a good time along with some killer advice.

  4. and SN it’s GREAT to network with people in high places, many successful people are where they are because of WHO THEY KNOW…word of mouth and letters of recommendation go far…i told you’re destined for greatness KING #PROUD of you ;-0

  5. GOD BLESS you for this message my career and everything has just hit a MAJOR ROADBLOCK this week but this message just encouraged me…i have to share that message don’t look at the people in the race, look at your pace and focus on the goal…that’s real shit too…love having real conversations with REAL business-oriented people who know their shit

    1. ^awww malcolm I hope everything works out!
      Im glad this could help you as it did me.
      she is definitely not about the struggle life.
      she is also really wise and has dropped a few gems.
      judging from her energy,
      she knows how to be tough and still come off cool.
      not to mention she is honest and will let you know if you were wrong.

  6. So she regularly meets dudes at work, flirts with them, takes them out to dinner then takes them home to meet her husband.

      1. Sure it wasn’t. I still find her behavior odd. Don’t be surprised when they offer you a few thousand to have sex with her while he watches and records it.

        1. ^Well we have been going out to have lunch for a while now.
          Paying separately while getting to know each other.
          it also felt good to talk to someone about the drama at my job.
          talk to a manager about the shenanigans *joseline voice*
          we exchanged numbers and we also texted periodically.
          she is pretty cool.
          she is also tough and I like the aggressive vibe she gives off.
          I’m not hard pressed to go over her spot tho.
          if what you said does happen,
          I will definitely write about it!
          I try to just go with the flow these days and accept what comes.


  7. Good for you. To paraphrase a line from “Casablanca” it seems like the start of a beautiful relationship. She seems to be your mentor.

      1. Hey J does she know about you? that you’re “how you doing”. Will she every find out? Ive seen this happen y’all get close you open up or she catches you off guard then the needle comes of the record.
        Be careful.

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