Guess Who Is Producing The New Aaliyah Biopic?

tumblr_m0webvUUFW1r5egxso1_500no seriously.
wendy williams is going from talk show host to executive producer.
no i’m completely serious.
this is not an “april in july” fools joke.
she announced it on her show and twitter today…

it starts @10:56:

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 12.37.46 AMthe actress playing is named alexandra shipp.
here are some pictures for you to get a better idea:

excuse me.

sorry for laughing.
i thought i was doing it internally.
 i guess the magic of bronzer will turn this cute exxotical into a black girl?
i guess.

lowkey: personally and no offense but:

keshia chante,
host of 106 and park,
would have been my pick.
 what do i know?

see more alexandra shipp: twitter

keisha chante “aaliyah” pictures: necole bitchie

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14 thoughts on “Guess Who Is Producing The New Aaliyah Biopic?

  1. They should have let Keshia Chante play the role. And I’m sure Aaliyah’s family doesn’t like Wendy linked to this project AT ALL

  2. My Puerto Rican girl, Keisha is perfect to play Aaliyah. She looks identical and is familiar with music, but that mulata chick doesn’t scream Aaliyah. She screams Zendaya looks-alike.

      1. In fact, it’s not a race at all. Many NY Ricans are still uneducated about their heritage and look at themselves as an actual race. They’re no different than the Louisiana Creole that Tina Knowles descends from.

      2. Well I agree/disagree with you because I’m a Nuyorican and I am aware of what I am mixed with and consider myself as an Afro-Boricua….. But some Nuyoricans are unaware what their races are because it never discuss in the household, you’re raised to say you’re Puerto Rican and proud. And that’s it. Don’t get me wrong there definitely ignorance within my community because black is the less-favorable and never like to talk about it. I mean in PR they say “Yea we’re black, but that a long time ago.”

      3. It’s not just NY Ricans that do it. Black folks do it too. My mom was surprised when a Puerto Rican lady on the Real Housewives of ? described herself like a typical Louisiana Creole person does. My mom was still under the assumption that the multiple Hispanic/Latino ethnicity’s were a race.

        Also being raised to be proud of your ethnicity instead of your race isn’t specific to Latinos. Many Africans straight from Africa are always talking shit about Black Americans because they claim we force them to identify as Black. They were raised to be proud their ethnicity so they look at themselves as Nigerian first and Black second. They can’t really blame us for that tho, identifying as our color is apart of our American heritage. We had no other choice.

  3. Yea, from the looks of it, Keisha would have been better, but of course that would have been too right.

  4. That’s why I don’t like hearing mixed people complain about being called “black.” They all constantly go for black roles in movies and TV, and go to modeling agencies that are looking for black models. It’s obviously not a problem being just black when it’s convenient for a job so keep that tragic shit to yourselves.

    Keshia should’ve gotten the job and I don’t think it’s too late for them to recast but this movie is going to be a tacky ass mess. Probably way more cheap and safe than that TLC movie was.

    1. ^wendy is a gossip queen.
      this movie will probably show Aaliyah in a light we may not have expected.
      personally I don’t know why aaliyah needs a movie,
      but maybe there was more to her life than we think?

      1. The only thing I can think of is the R.Kelly situation. Also, a picture was circulating of Aaliyah cuddled up with Jay-Z and we all know she was publicly linked to Dame Dash who was Jay’s best friend at the time. I don’t wanna say she was smashing the homies but it’s very likely. She could’ve been a smash and pass.

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