Michael Sam and The Snow Fox Do The #ESPYS

MICHEALSAMANDFOXso michael sam and the snow fox are at the espys tonight.
they actually look pretty good.
i see they decided to coordinate.
i know the snow fox is loving this come up.
shit i would.
michael is getting the arthur ashe courage award tonight.
here is his speech

why my homegirl text me and say the snow fox looks like an opportunist?
either way:
giphynice speech.
he messed up reading the teleprompter a few times,
but i’ll take it as nerves.
lets hope he lives up to the expectations set for him.

29 thoughts on “Michael Sam and The Snow Fox Do The #ESPYS

  1. Um yeahhh no need to group me in the LBGT community.

    While I do respect those that raise HIV awareness in the community, I will never take LBGT rights movement seriously because I feel like it’s based more on the “please accept us” motto rather than just seeking equal rights. The whole premise is laughable because if you’ve accepted yourself as you say, you don’t need the approval of anyone else.

    If you want to show your ignorance and piss me off, just compare the gay rights movement to the Civil Rights Movement. I turn into Malcolm X then.

  2. I am not jealous, bitter, and I could care less about his basic white boyfriend.

    My thing is the LBGT community is so quick to make ANYONE their golden child.

    He’s not even an athlete anymore in my eyes, he’s a MASCOT.

    Someone to push the LBGT agenda…for the moment.

    He’s no hero to me. No better than Dante, Chris, John from around the way that messed with women their whole lives knowing they had zero attraction to one and now he gets celebrated because he finally decided to come clean when he can gain notoriety?

    The REAL heros are the regular, everyday gay/bi men that are out there at LBGT events and neighborhoods raising awareness about HIV/AIDS and counseling and providing places to stay for young men and women that have no where to go and no one to turn to!

    He doesn’t impress me on any level and the fact he’s celebrated shows how “simple” society has become.

    1. Well I am not making him the golden child. He is a masculine man who plays football, which is a physical sport.There are stereotypes that come with that. The facades they have to put up just so no one will find out their sexuality. Didn’t that guy Wade Davis talk about times he had to spend money on strippers with his teammates just so he could fit in with them and keep his sexuality hidden? Myself, and some others just have to realize that everyone is not going to get it. I think it’s quite sad that the LBGT community does not support one another. The straights are already dragging us down, but it’s worse when your own do it.

      S/N: Michael Sam never had a girlfriend. I think you have him confused with Derrick Gordon.

  3. That was a really good speech.

    Am I the only one who bawled at Stuart Scott’s speech?

  4. All these out black people and none of them want our black asses. He sitting up there with his lily white queen. These gay athletes and none of them want a brother? GET OUT!

    1. So I guess you feel the same way about The Rock and Stuart Scott and the dozens of athletes with their white girlfriends? Don’t take it personal it only makes you bitter.

      1. Keep speaking the truth L Boogie! These Negropeans are obsessed with whites!

      2. I agree with you. I just don’t understand it. Gays want the heterosexual community to respect them when they can’t even respect and support the ones in their community. Why you mad? This impacts your life how dude? You can still go to a club, a party, an online dating site, or bump into a man during your daily life activities and find a man. I think the ones that are upset have a fascination with athletes and want to be with one. That’s what I think it is.They wish they were in Vito’s position. They want to walk the red carpet arm and arm with their athlete boyfriend. They want kiss their athlete boyfriend on national tv in front of millions. If Michael had an feminine BLACK boyfriend, they would still complain.They would say he is not masculine enough or if he was light skin they would say he looks like a lizard or has cat eyes or whatever. I read the comments That’s not fair. Let that dude live and tend to your own lives.

  5. That same “snow fox” as you put it has mob connections. He will have his family shoot your ignorant ass!!!

  6. I loved his speech, I really did. I wish Michael Sam and his boyfriend the best, and I hope I will see him on the field this fall.

    I wonder how many downlow and discreet athletes were in attendance? I know they were moved by Michael’s speech. Water in their eyes and shit lol.

    1. He is a true hero. He has no doubt saved some closeted youth from commiting suicide. LGBT youth commit suicide 4 to 6 times the rate of straight youth.

      1. Yea he has helped a lot of people. As a matter of fact, all the people that have came out have, especially the young athletes and the ones who are growing up in religious households.

      2. Sorry, don’t buy the “he’s saving John Doe around the block from committing suicide” bullshit.

        I’m sure that’s very comforting for his long term girlfriend he lied to and strung along though.

        Some athlete with money and now notoriety (for all the wrong reasons btw) coming out of the closet with his white boyfriend is not going to change the reality for regular people and the treatment they’ll receive by coming out in Any Town, USA.

        The statistics will remain the same.

        The fit of that suit is awful by the way.

  7. how is rihanna moving in that gif but no one else is? what kind of witchcraft is this?

  8. In Out.com interview Michael said he met Vito when Michael was a freshman.When they started dating Vito was the semi famous one because he was the first openly gay athlete at Mizzou.He was a star swimmer they dated in secret until Vito convinced Michael to come out to his Mizzou teammates. IMO if he was an opportunist he would have encouraged Michael to stay in the closet.If Michael hadn’t come out I believe he would have been drafted earlier.
    Vito was with Michael before he was a star athlete and Vito’s family is supportive of their relationship.They just attended Vito’ s sister wedding.
    Michael’s family is not supportive with the exception of one aunt and her daughters.

  9. These white men and white women stay snatching these self hating coons from the black gays and women… child.

    1. If we are going to talk about hate let’s talk about Michael Sam’s immediate family not wanting to have anything to do with him because he is Gay.Yet they visit his brothers who are locked up.Let’s talk about that.

      1. So because his parents wanted nothing to do with his gay lifestyle that excuses his choice of selecting a white queen thats been around the block? If thats the case most black women have a reason to not date black men at all since the majority are fatherless….. Child. Negros stay loving them some whites.

  10. See if I was his boo. He would not have that suit on like that. It would snug his body so tight to show off that figure. I wouldn’t wear that suit if I was his boo either

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