did society play a part in breaking serena williams?

i keep telling folks that being a celebrity or content creator isn’t easy.
don’t get me wrong,
there are perks that come with fame.
it can be very mentally and emotional draining tho.

It ain’t like our social media pages where we have full control of the narrative.

when we achieve fame,
we are a punching bag for the general public.
everyone will pick us apart with a fine tooth comb.
everything we say,

and the people we choose to screw.
if we are perfect then our partners get it.
if we are flawless,
there are jackals waiting in the shadows for something to us against us.
i find that black vixens don’t always have it easy.
bey and rih did not have it easy but had backings from their day ones.
i’m thankful they are at point where everyone has no choice but to kiss their ass.
i saw a video of serena williams that made me compassionate for her…

if i remember correctly and please correct me if i’m wrong:

White publications said she looked like a man.

Many black males said she wasn’t cute but would fuck her cause she has a fat ass.

Many black vixens talked about her looks and how she was styled.

serena is talented and won many trophies…

…but she didn’t have it easy out here so yes,
this is why she has morphed into blasian.
she looks what what she thinks being pretty looks like.

The public eye isn’t for the weak.

this is why i am so hesitant to be in the public eye.
i deal with it enough now but to have the entire forests breaking you down?

“He ain’t cute and he ain‘t a great representation of being gay.”

“______ was standing next to him at an event. He gotta be gay too! They gotta be fuckin’ around on the low!”

“I don’t know why ya’ll support him. He is very average.”

“_____ is better than him.”

“He said something I didn’t like so I don’t like him.”

“He would be so much better if he had an Onlyfans. He needs an Onlyfannnnnsssssss!”

nah homie.

i love my peace.
i worked hard to finally start loving myself after years of not.
some of these folks LOVE to break nice things.
it’s even worse when it comes from your own people and community.

lowkey: don’t get me wrong,
there are some black celebs and content creators who do dumb shit.

we font about those who do dumb shit all the time.
there are others who are a target “just because”

3 thoughts on “did society play a part in breaking serena williams?

  1. She puts on some makeup (with the camera close up to her face) and a blonde wig and suddenly she’s blasian? No disrespect, but the commentary on her recently has been ridiculous.

  2. She looks like herself w makeup on. This is dumb. There was a sitch a cpl years ago when she did look like a white woman in cremation #6, and got the deserved backlash, but she looks good, like her normal self, above.

  3. Serena Williams is black excellence!!! I agree with you 💯%, and most of the time it’s our own kind tearing her down.

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