shannon sharpe gets out a suv gay?

…and folks wonder why people are so homophobic.
growing up around straights judging everything i did was not easy for me.
it left me hating myself and wishing i wasn’t so detectable.
i was a beacon in attracting some fine ass DLs but outside of that,
life was pretty much hell.
The Foxhole knows the story.
i can imagine what its like being straight and accused of being gay.
shannon sharpe caught some gay strays when he got out of a car…

i ain’t gonna hold you but that murse didn’t help either.
it wasn’t the most flattering exit i’ve ever seen.
his face looked like how an auntie exits out an suv tbh.

I think the problem with some jackals is they take it farther than just a joke.

shannon is got big hips,
walks with that bowlegged strut,
and likes to wear tight clothes to show off his bawdy.
let’s hope he doesn’t go find a white vixen to prove his straightness for social media.

9 thoughts on “shannon sharpe gets out a suv gay?

  1. I don’t think he’s gay. I think he’s insecure. Listening to clips from his show with Ocho shows how…odd he is.

    Brushing teeth 100 times a day. No deodorant. He has so many rules and has a desire for control that would drive most women insane, money or not.

  2. So, we need to address a couple of things. To be honest, Shannon Sharpe’s only crime is that he is a self-identifying heterosexual black male who has entered a space that has been dominated by black women or members of the LGBTQIA+ community; he has a target on his back because he’s occupying a space many people think that he shouldn’t and there is no way to discredit a heterosexual black man quicker than making him “Gay”.

    The problem is heterosexual black men have been shut out of having a voice or being able to express themselves in the mainstream, but now that’s changing through podcasting. Everyone just assumed that the next Oprah or Wendy Williams was going to be some woman or gay man and then along came Shannon and people don’t know how to respond because no one is currently doing the numbers that he is doing. It’s not just Shannon, Ryan Clark has a growingly popular podcast called “ The Pivot” that had its own viral moment with Simone Biles and her husband Johnathan, Joe Budden, Mase and Cam’ron, etc. Some of these podcasts are problematic but some are actually good and doing the numbers and I think in terms of Shannon and even Ryan Clark they have created platforms that are somewhat of a safe space where actual A-list and B-list celebrities can go to and promote their projects, talk about their lives, or air out their grievances.

    I also wanted to address this issue of white women and the myth behind interracial relationships. There was recently a study that showed that 83% of black people who make $100,000 or more, date and marry other black people and that pretty much holds true in sports as well, with the majority of black NBA and NFL players marrying black women. We just focus on those who choose to date interracially, even on their podcast Shannon Sharpe, Chad Ochocinco, and Terrell Owens talked about how they dated black women.

    1. Straight men have been ‘shut out’? Nah. Straight men are not victims here. Them deciding that everything besides sports and puss is ‘soft’ is on them. The only reason they’re entering the talk space is because they’ve found out how much money these ‘little’ youtubers and podcasters make, on the heels of music not selling, their own retirements, and the fact that ESPN can’t hire every broken down former pro athlete.

      Shannon is only in his space because of his hetero male athlete privilege. He is no one’s journalists, but, per usual, once you’re famous for 1 thing as a black person, you get a pass to go be famous for whatever you want from black ppl. So, because Shannon Sharpe, the FAMOUS baller, is having this interview, as opposed to Jake Thomas (pretend upcoming journalist) ppl will decide its worthwhile. Shannon isn’t bringing in anything that should be doing those numbers, except alrdy showing up famous. What podcasts are hitting it big that aren’t attached to ballers or rappers? They’ve always had this privilege, amongst the many others, sitting in their laps. They were just too used to being propped up as the guests to realize that black men can be respected for being more than rappers and athletes.

      If being called gay (by his own fellow straight black men, since no other community is collectively ridiculous enough to be as limiting in whats deemed OK for straight men) is Shannon’s biggest cross to bear, then sign me up.

      And we all know most ppl marry the ppl they’re around. For most that’s their own race/etc. However, the numbers are always used in an attempt to minimize the IN YOUR FACE optics. White/’exotic’ women who have never dated a regular blk dude PUT themselves in atmospheres where wealthy black men (particularly the spaces of ‘new money’ black men) are accessible.

      Take the NBA. We know that, especially w biracial ppl often being considered blk, blks make up the majority of the NBA. However, that same league is ‘jokingly’ dubbed as No Blacks Allowed, because half of the blk players are the biracial sons of former NBA players and their now ex white WAGs who didn’t see color and all just happened to find love w rich black men. If I had a nickel for every rich black man who says ‘I date all races’ but found their ‘love is love’, and child and/or spousal support moments with white women, I’d be a rich enough black man to get me a non trailer based white woman. I could look as happy as 75% of the young black college football players on the couch w their ‘loved ones’ on NFL Draft day.

      1. All I would say is that I don’t have any animosity towards heterosexual black men. I stand by the fact that these retired athletes and rappers are getting attention because like it or not they have achieved the heights of success, they have the trophies, rings, Grammys, Emmys, etc. They have the access that people want, they don’t have to rely on third parties like the Tasha K’s and Jason Lee’s of the world.

        Also I want us to start being honest and not throw rocks and hide our hands. Yes, there are straight men out here teasing Shannon about what his sexuality might be, but lets not act like Black women and the LGBTQIA+ are not participating in the slander because they are.

        Ultimately I think people are acting like this because they see and feel a threat in what Shannon and others represent

        I’m trying to wrap my head around your other points. Our country has a history and a legacy of labeling who’s black and who’s not; I think most biracial’s at least the ones that I have seen in real life and hear about all identify as black. The only biracial person I remember who didn’t publicly claim black was tiger woods. Out here in California you see white women with regular black guys all the time, outside of that I went to the numbers and statistics. Most black people date and marry other black people its just a fact, the media just chooses to focus on interracial couples.

        America just doesn’t want to push or promote the image of an intact black family. LeBron James is the face of the NBA has a beautiful wife in Savannah and beautiful kids and yet the NBA never really mentions them at all; same goes for Chris Paul, Draymond Green, Karl-Anthony Towns ,etc. Steph Curry another face of the NBA married to Ayesha Curry, yes Ayesha is technically biracial ; her mom being Jamaican-Chinese and her father being African-American and Polish, she said on the “View” that she identifies as a black women.

        1. By your description Ayesha Curry is multiracial. But you can be multiracial and still be Black, and her identification as a Black woman makes sense in our (US) society, as any DNA tests from or on Finding Your Roots have made clear for years now.

  3. He’s an idiot if he addresses it again. And Jamari, Shannon, like most filthy rich athletes (unfortunately) loves white fish. If anything he might finally get w a blk woman (at least for optics) because of the white women jokes and him having such a presence in blk media lately.

  4. Allegedly, he has a new stylist. No sure if it’s because of the “gay” rumors with his former stylist. Who cares if he’s gay or not. Just because he’s well groomed, fit, dresses nice, attractive, hangs around certain people doesn’t make him gay. I believe if he was gay he would say it. Some people are so blind, it’s usually the ones you’d least expect.

  5. They are gonna keep making that man gay no matter what he does. 🤷🏾‍♂️idk how he changes that narrative. I think ignoring it is probably the best option for him cause 💁🏾‍♂️ ppl suck.

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