the mercury retrograde brought darius jackson back to keke palmer (aww cutes!)

when i was dealing with the work wolf issue,
i didn’t think i’d ever leave him alone tbh.
i’ll be 100 with you:

If he would have opened the gate for a re-do,
I would have gone back with my tail tucked between my legs.

when i look back at that rough time in my life,
The Foxhole legit dragged me so hard and i’m grateful.
i think God made us separate for all the right reasons.
it couldn’t be seen back then but it was the plan for now.

Did we really think Keke Palmer was going to completely leave her baby daddy,
Darius Jackson?

survey says

wtf is even talking about with this virgo shit?
i think he went to see the kid and they probably hate fucked like animals.

it knocked her common sense out the window.
i always felt keke was playing a strong character tbh.
some of us have a friend like keke.

some of us are Keke.

remember: she shares a kid with this wolf.
they will always be connected.
i know one thing:
i’d be so embarrassed to post that after making this with usher.


next time keke,
keep us all out of your facebook relationship updates.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “the mercury retrograde brought darius jackson back to keke palmer (aww cutes!)”

  1. Y’all got that they’re still together off that video? I think body language is important. It gave we’re coparenting. He called her his partner in crime. That’s not really indicative of a romantic relationship. They also look uncomfortable as hell around eachother. Furthermore, even if they put a band aid on it if he’s liable to take their business to social media it will happen again. I don’t see this as a relationship to celebrate mending.

  2. I always thought the media tool it further than what it was. I feel part of it was a publicity stunt to sell the music lol. Either way I still love her

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