Andrew Caldwell Heads To Protest For The DeliverT

1016880_732519223484648_2449770393654894149_nso when a straight wolf,
like andrew caldwell,
heads to protest a major world issue…
you know he has to look his best.
well he went to a ferguson protest
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Adrian Peterson Tweets Some Confusion about Ferguson

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 10.20.37 PMballer wolf,
and full of godly drama,
adrian peterson had something to say about the ferguson verdict.
as you can ^see
its written in some sort of confusing code.
what my foxy senses are making out…
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They Are Such A Riot!

demonstrators-defy-curfew-fergusonriot and destruction.
i know everyone has an opinion about the rioting in ferguson.
the main question i keep seeing is:

“why are they destroying their town?”

…and that is a very good question to ask.
well yesterday i was turnt.
i was angry.
now that i’ve calmed down,
i can see why they were burnin’ ferguson to the ground.
i had to wonder…

Was it right?…

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_48577883_russia_fires_4the day after an aftermath is usually the most interesting.
one the dust settles,
and some of the fire is put out,
thats when you really see whats going on with the people around you.
either you will have a good day or a really shitty one.
it also depends on you as well.
you can also be the cause of your own hell storms.
don’t act like you don’t get a fresh new battery in ya back after a scandal.
whenever there is a “racial issue” around the country,
its always funny how people act.
this goes especially for the snow animals
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I Hope They Blow Ferguson The Fuck Up Tonight

140818-michael-brown-graduation-jms-2128_e9443531d58b213656488e4ce6d17a4fwell i’m sure you heard the news today about michael brown.
if not,
well then let me update you…
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J Cole Keeps On Impressing Me

xeekgwyou see these group of hood wolves?
well you see the one in the grey?
the tall one wth the white fitted?
well that’s j cole.
guess where he is?
standing in ferguson on the spot michael brown was killed at.
there is also footage
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