Andrew Caldwell Heads To Protest For The DeliverT

1016880_732519223484648_2449770393654894149_nso when a straight wolf,
like andrew caldwell,
heads to protest a major world issue…
you know he has to look his best.
well he went to a ferguson protest

10347226_1548407785403614_4131102951082419354_n…in his best fur!
lookin’ like you can’t tell him shit!
don’t he look like a slip slidin’ but high profilin diva?
i mean straight wolf!
i guess he wanted to help delivert some lost d/l souls while in the area.



on another note…
i would love to see the wolves he has…

picture taken: facebook

11 thoughts on “Andrew Caldwell Heads To Protest For The DeliverT

  1. Why is this pineapple sitting here looking like he broke into Dionne Warwick fur closet and stole her Bible Study Coat, and stole her pose as well. The jokes write themselves with this one. I know it was wet panties all around when this pussy hound made an appearance. Fella’s hold onto to ya girl. Mr. Steal Ya Girl is in the building.

  2. DWRCL…..BOARCL…….LMAO…..this dude better keep his ass low key so they wont beat his ass as well at the ferguson turmoil

  3. I can’t he’s standing there literately looking like a fox with that fur, the kind they hunt in the woods.

  4. Glad to see the Britney gif made a comeback. I chuckle every time I read the word “deliverT.” You got me putting the gay twang on words now. I know I’m gonna slip up one day and tell a wolf he looks “skrong.”

    1. ^LOL.

      i got “skrongs” from chris breezy or kanye actually.
      one (or both) said it on a song and it cracked me up.
      ive been usin it ever since.
      i think its a ye track tho
      and then chis said it the exact same way…

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