_48577883_russia_fires_4the day after an aftermath is usually the most interesting.
one the dust settles,
and some of the fire is put out,
thats when you really see whats going on with the people around you.
either you will have a good day or a really shitty one.
it also depends on you as well.
you can also be the cause of your own hell storms.
don’t act like you don’t get a fresh new battery in ya back after a scandal.
whenever there is a “racial issue” around the country,
its always funny how people act.
this goes especially for the snow animals

it was rather calm today.
the morning commute was quiet.
i noticed some of the blacks looked sad and over it.
i could have been reading into it,
but you know when everyone is in agreement about something.
it has a “feeling” to it.
i felt it.
crazy enough,
there wasn’t a lot of snow animals were on the train.
i’m sure most of them were packed up and were off this for the holiday.
the ones who did get on were stone cold.
this one snow wolf i noticed looked scared.
like he was ready to start swinging at any given notice.
at work everyone was pretty normal.
this one snow vixen was just really ignorant for no reason tho.
like chick calm that pussy down…
others were extremely nice to me.
complimented me on my outfit.
a lot.
thats a normal day for me tho.
not braggin’ or nothing,
but it was like nothing happened.
they know their race dropped the ball tho.
the ones with compassion know this.

i learned a long time ago race issues are “don’t ask; don’t talk about it”.
as much as you want opinions,
and you know i am a curious fox,
but you don’t talk about those kind of things at work.
i expected liar liar to be the most vocal since she is uncouth hoodrat.
since her role is that of “supervisor” now,
and our boss is a snow bunny,
she kept all opinions about it to herself.

my-lips-are-sealed_727her common sense works where that is concerned.
you can tell that she was bothered tho.
i can only imagine what her facebook or instagram looked like.

as for me,
i read a few articles and opinions on various sources online.
my eyes were watery at the amount of support michael is getting.
celebs and other countries cosigning their dismay.
i loved how vocal rihanna was about it ( x on instagram ),
even tho her comment box was trashed with racism.
its surprising how these same anonymous screen names,
the ones spouting ignorance,
are the same ones who could be literally sitting next to you at work.

“these niggers need to get over it!”
“i see nothing wrong with the verdict!”
“what’s a black person?”

Quinn_has_attitudeuh huh.
yet would be smiling in your face like its nothing.
the almighty power of being fake.

on lighter news,
i got an email from a snow bunny i use to work with.
she knows of an admin position at a totally different company.
she wants me to send her my resume so she can forward it asap.
2hgu0dgjpgnot every snow animal is bad.
some just show it more than others.

6 thoughts on “Aftermath

  1. I agree with this post. Hopefully you will get the job bro and get out of that place you are currently.

  2. Yeah it’s been pretty normal here in the A. We had a peaceful protest downtiwn that I believe is still going on. My snow bunny professor read a poem she wrote about race that really touched everyone in class tonight.

    I know other people who can’t understand why Ferguson is the reacting the way they are. people are tired of this kind of thing happening over and over again. Hopefully just give me an example to the police to actually think before they take forceful action.

    P.S. Good luck with the job opening I hope it’s a better job than the one you are at right now

  3. My mom still hasn’t learned her lesson. She works at a place that is 98% snow bunnies. They’re also 98% conservative. I swear she is so damn senile sometimes. And she’s not even 60 yet. I told her to stop discussing shit with them but she didn’t listen. They finally pissed her off so bad, she started leaving the room when they discussed it. I have to say “it” because this has happened so many times, it’s hard to pick which “it” it was. It’s like a joke that keeps being played over and over. I gave all my anger & sadness to the Trayvon Martin verdict. I can’t get anymore angry & sad than that. I was numb. I put up a front like I was fine but inside, the Huey P Newton in me was fuming.

    I’m glad you got some good news. I really hope you get it. I’ll be praying for you.

  4. Congratulations on your new job opening Jamari! Keep us updated on how it all goes! One of my teachers who is white was really upset about the court decision.

  5. Yeah, discussion about it at my job was pretty limited.

    I’m happy that you have received an opening. I hope you can leave that job, or see if you can work your way into another department.

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