They Are Such A Riot!

demonstrators-defy-curfew-fergusonriot and destruction.
i know everyone has an opinion about the rioting in ferguson.
the main question i keep seeing is:

“why are they destroying their town?”

…and that is a very good question to ask.
well yesterday i was turnt.
i was angry.
now that i’ve calmed down,
i can see why they were burnin’ ferguson to the ground.
i had to wonder…

Was it right?…

we are taught to “have peace”.
we are also taught to “pray and things will work out”.
when trayvon martin’s verdict was read,
everyone handled it with “peace” i felt.
when people were stuck in the superdome down in new orleans,
we also “prayed things would work out”.

well this is act “we lost count”.
this time another black cub is killed like a wild animal in the street.
the verdict is one of another injustice played out to the media.
like trayvon’s parents,
and watching the aftermath of hurricane katrina played out on tv,
we now have to watch the sadness of michael brown’s mother.

tumblr_nfllafOYaA1thc0yto1_500i guess people were fed up this go around.
“no justice; no peace”?
so they burned shit up,
tore down stores,
and didn’t “keep the peace”.
do we blame them?
or is okay to point fingers when we aren’t effected by it?

now with every riot does come it share of dumb asses:

“shit this is the perfect time to get a free tv!”
“girl lets break in the hair sto’ so i can get a few packs!”

…and those are the ones who stand for nothing.
please let us not forget how the snow animals do.

…but when we do it,
suddenly the world is coming to an end?
i’m sorry this isn’t some football or baseball team who lost the championship.

wasn’t there a time before my own,
and maybe even yours,

that black people did march peacefully?
wasn’t it also a time that white people would come and tear shit up?

i do see both sides tho.
i do see where the destruction is “setting people back”.
once the dust settles,
a majority of them still have to live there.
some of those places probably won’t even be rebuilt again.
many will starve.
others will move and start anew.
with all this rioting or “lets handle it with peace”,
the outcome is still pretty the same…

Is anyone really listening?

this is not an entry to say white people are bad,
but if we gonna call the blacks out for their foolishness,
lets call EVERYONE out on their shit.
this is as objective as i can be with this situation.

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8 thoughts on “They Are Such A Riot!

  1. Like Jill Scott said (“gettin in the way”) Sometimes you have to whoop some ass (cause destruction) for the principle of it…

    1. But why tear up THEIR own neighborhood?!! That is the aspect I don’t understand.
      If they’re going to cause destruction and chaos…take it to the more affluent areas/businesses! Don’t tear up YOUR shyt because you’re mad at the white person! Take it out on the white person and THEIR businesses. Now if they need something from a local business, guess what?! They’re going to have to go outside of their neighborhood because they burned down or looted the business in their neighborhood. I understand that people are/were angry, but they need to think before they act…and even moreso, they need to realize that they are hurting no one but themselves when they destroy things. Why? Because it leads to getting arrested…and an attempted arresting was what caused this entire situation in the first place.
      We need to stop this foolishness for real. If they want to make a difference, get an education, get a job, go out and vote. All of those things can help, because an intelligent black man/woman is a feared one. Don’t let them tell you otherwise.

    1. I know right!!

      But to the point @ hand, my view is obviously different than most, so I’ll refrain. 🙂

  2. It is hard for all black people as this insane act continues to happen. I knew when they had the National Guard to be present days before it was going to be a verdict that would allow this officer to go free. But the people living in that region is forgetting that like stated when the smoke settles that they are going to have to live there and the destruction that is happening is going to come out of their pockets in the form of tax money , so the things being destroy by their senselessness is going to hurt them in the long run. PLEASE PEOPLE JUST PRAY AND LET GOD HANDLE IT. Wait and it want be long!

  3. I thought I read something that said a lot of those people aren’t from Ferguson. Here where I live, some grimy pineapples from Detroit show up to cause trouble all the time. I assumed that’s what happened there. So much lies are being reported I don’t know what to believe. I feel really bad for the parents of these young men. Charlie Sheen(of all people) said it best. “Parents aren’t supposed to bury their children.”

  4. This is why the authorities fear us now and react the way they do man. Shit like this has to stop. As I sad earlier, I truly don’t understand the looting part. People just want to have an excuse to steal. Destroying business that they often rely on and will need once the smoke settles. It’s sad.

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