When I Looked In Your Eyes, I Knew You Wanted To Kiss Me.

the world is filled with perfect strangers.
we are also one of those strangers.
we all have to interact with each other and play nice.
but what bout those who you see that make you feel a certain way?
that tingle.
you know what i’m talking about.
don’t act stupid now.
have you ever felt a certain way about someone who you felt you “loved“?
something inside felt like it plugged yourself into them.
daily as you interacted,
your feelings started to grow for this person.
could be the best friend,
new friend,
or the “straight friend”.
one day, you just knew you would get that.
every scenario felt like a scene from a 90s black movie.
love jones?
best man?
how you tryna get your groove back?

is this crazy?
or, is this just the everyday life of us…
..connecting with these walking blocks of “blood, bones, and feelings“?
i started to wonder…

Can you fall for someone you barely know?

let me tell it,
i feel like i have fallen in love with particular wolves i have met along the way.
now, i don’t fall for every wolf.
i have met some total straight wolves who i knew and it was whatever.
but, i have met some that i felt that instant connect too.
and i know when i like someone.
i put on a poker face which can make me look standoffish.
the face gets blank and i don’t express emotions because i don’t want to be “caught“.
but i be dying to look like a school boy who got a crush on his teacher!

those antics are what have me looking “straight“.

i often wondered if it was loneliness?
or, it’s something about that person that we “just know”?
you know that thing they call “gaydar”?
that thing that connects our spirits.
not everything is obvious.
i wish it was.
the way a wolf who is infatuated with a vixen.
a cheat sheet.
sometimes the best love stories are because two spirits were brought together.
god, that sounds corny.
i wrote that?
i always believed it as true.

we do all this random “loving“,
but we never stop to think about the people who have fallen in love with us.
the ones who sneak a peek as we turn our backs.
or, how about those who love the way we smile?
the ones who do the same shit we do when we like someone hard?
naw, we never stop to think about that.
we just think that we are “unlovable” in some way because we are alone.
we aren’t use to that.
we just real selfish in our own feelings to detach and see someone else who is in theirs.
very “easier said that done“.
trust me, i’m still researching.

I started to wonder about falling for someone who is a question mark.
is it really possible to feel that “L” word for someone we don’t know?
or, do we need to really know someone beforehand?
how is love even created?
for some,
it’s usually created by constant walks around the dickmatized bush.

but for me,
it’s the way someone looks in my eyes for way too long.
i don’t fall in love with bodies and penis.
i fall in love with that “something that just ain’t right“.
that feeling that comes when i meet someone and their features suddenly soften.
they look at me like i’m the only muthafucka in the room.
that feeling that i often question because it happens so quick…
…but i felt it.

Can you love a perfect stranger?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “When I Looked In Your Eyes, I Knew You Wanted To Kiss Me.”

  1. In the beginning, it’s good to be interested in that person, but to fall for them head over heels is very unhealthy. What if you later find out that person doesn’t feel the same exact way? If they don’t, then you’re left feeling hurt and thinking what you could have done differently so that person would feel what you feel. For me to fall in love with someone they have to make me feel some type of way on the inside that I has me going crazy. It’s a feeling that I can’t even describe.

  2. You can definitely feel the “L” word for someone you do not know, but that “L” is lust. To me to be in love with someone is there needs or wants are important to you. Being in love with someone means that you cannot imagine this person not being in your life or the very least they cross your mind on a frequent basis. I do think you can feel an instant connection with someone and I have experience that before, but the reason why I knew it wasn’t love was because I was comfortable with the fact of letting that person go and not caring that I will never see that person again

  3. Ugh this right here really hit me, Jamari. There’s this guy I’ve been playing eye tag with for like weeks now, but I have no idea if we’re on the same level. I mean when I don’t look at him or when I walk past him, I see him staring me down at the corner of my eye but when I look his way, he looks away. My gaydar says he’s checking for me, but that voice in the back of my head is like “Maybe he’s straight and he’s just looking at you because he sees you all the time.” I wish I had the balls to at least say “Hi how are you doing today?”

    1. Oh stop it dude. You know damn well he’s checking for you. If he’s looking at you when you’re not looking at him that means he wants you lol. All you have to do is say wassup to him whenever you see him. I thought that I was bad when it comes to talking to guys lol.

  4. I think I’m too smart to fall for unknown people, it’s hard enough to get my attention and KEEP it. I’m very picky even though a lot of people seem to always tug at me. I’m a very – VERY direct person and if I like a person, I will let you know in our 3rd interaction AT MOST. Gay, Straight, whatevr you want to call yourself. I’m straight, and occasionally I find a guy attractive (athlethic, and swag like/better than me, or just an ol pretty [sometimes prissy & bitchy i aint gon lie]) slim sexy boy who may or may not be borderlne fem NOT flamboyant), I don’t find anything else interesting about men, I’ don’t pursue relationships, I’ve found myself in many and I get told we are “dating”.. go figure. I love a woman’s body, curves, ass, face, skin, tits, attitude, a whole lot..anyway…when I’ve made moves on other straight (complete) men I’ve found (IN MY EXPERIENCE) most men have an element of bi-curiosity in them , you just have to leverage each person’s comfort zone. My experiences have been.. .wild just to say, I went to a military school so you can picture. We had girlfriends, and we would fuck each other stooopid when we got back to our dorms (this is even before we turned 18 , or at least I) Ps: those kids on youtube “playing around” yeah..that. I gues what I’m saying is that I think if you are comfortable (I don’t mean if you are forcing yourself to be comfortable or doing extra by being GAY[out there] or trying damn too hard to sound and act macho) then niggas will get to you, and more or less explore whatever with youor just do as you damn please (LOL I remember my boy from mil hS, he had the bigggggggggggest dick evvvvvvver, we messed around no sex, just fondle, etc and when my nig nutted he said “we shouldn’t do this it isn’t right” LOL, I laughed and told him its cool, and we never did it again but we are still COOL as hell today. The point is, don’t dream, DO.

  5. I’m going to Miami for my birthday in a couple days, where are the good fun spots to hit up fellas? (PS: Im not old enough to buy alcohol legally so if you’re choosing places…)

  6. Well of course you can’t Love” someone off bat. Blah blah blah… lust… blah blah blah strong feelings blah blah blah doesn’t happen often. Its the same things over and over again about what love is and is not. You can still feel strongly for someone and have it not be exclusively lust or this false notion of love. Men are like microwaves when it comes to their feelings. They fall very quickly. It takes a few amount of qualities checked off on their list and they’re like “hm, he’s interesting. I want to get to know him.” There’s a vibration that the person has that compliments or coincides with your’s and you feel a connection with little information. We discount that a lot of our interaction with each other is non-verbal and how our brain picks up on things that our consciousness does not and we cannot understand the feeling.

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