we need to pre-screen these hoes before we let them inside


If you’re old enough to want to fuck,
you’re old enough to get a room

it’s one thing to be high school,
the dl wolf in biology gets down,
and you sneak him into yo mama crib while she is at work.
strangers you meet online for a hook up should get room service.
hook ups are very similar to prostitution.
most johns usually bring prostitutes to a hotel.
it’s usually one night of sex and then never to be seen again.
they shouldn’t know where you live and how to get there.
a foxholer wrote a comment that i wanted to share.
it touched on this recent wave of robbing and killing gays offline
reality616” fonted…
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When I Looked In Your Eyes, I Knew You Wanted To Kiss Me.

the world is filled with perfect strangers.
we are also one of those strangers.
we all have to interact with each other and play nice.
but what bout those who you see that make you feel a certain way?
that tingle.
you know what i’m talking about.
don’t act stupid now.
have you ever felt a certain way about someone who you felt you “loved“?
something inside felt like it plugged yourself into them.
daily as you interacted,
your feelings started to grow for this person.
could be the best friend,
new friend,
or the “straight friend”.
one day, you just knew you would get that.
every scenario felt like a scene from a 90s black movie.
love jones?
best man?
how you tryna get your groove back?

is this crazy?
or, is this just the everyday life of us…
..connecting with these walking blocks of “blood, bones, and feelings“?
i started to wonder…

Can you fall for someone you barely know?

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Today, I Went For An HIV Test And…

…well I didn’t go for a HIV test.
It kinda just sorta happened.


How many have my Foxes and Wolves have been tested… ever?

If you haven’t… EVER… then prepare for me to slap you as this story is NOT for you.
Me, on the other hand, ended up getting tested today.


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