what in the world is different with kendall jenner?

the kkk are legit shapeshifters.
if they were villains in marvel,
they would be a gaggle of terror who can morph into different people.
i’d actually love to see that.
kendall jenner was trending today because she posted a new pic,
but i think she shapeshifted in it bh.

ย i can’t tell exactly.


that has to be a photo manipulation,
i’m getting heavy “barbie bottom half” vibes.

something is off in the pic,
but that isn’t a shock when it comes to the klan.

kendall is trending because of those pics and folks are losing their minds.
some are saying they’re ugly or about to starve themselves.

You can look however you choose on Rih’s internet!

we are all gorgeous after a few filters and edits.
we know our angles.
folks don’t see us when we are ugly in motion.
like when we just first get up,
sick af,
on the toilet,
or fell off due to breakups/stressful events.
the times we had sleepless nights over fuckbois or bubble guts after coffee.
we even post the highlight reels and not the fucked up shit in our toxic relationships.
we don’t post those pics for public consumption.
social media ain’t real.
the real question is:

Do our pretty pictures match personalities and expereinces in real life?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “what in the world is different with kendall jenner?”

  1. Their plastic surgeon is practically a family member. Look what he has done to them. Every last one of them has had surgery. He working on the kids next. The mama had it. Her damn daddy got it. Her sisters all had it. The only Kardashians and Jenners that has not been under the knife are the kids. That may or may not happen because of their daddies. Kanye, Travis, and Tristan balance them out on the looks. Its clear the only thing they like about themselves is the name.

  2. Maybe Iโ€™m missing something. But her body looks the exact same as it does on the beach. The only difference I see is that she has on some type of oil and the bikini bottom is a different cut and very low.

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