I Walk Through The Valley of The Shadow of Sacrifice

v) give up (something important or valued) for the sake of other considerations.

everyone has a dream.
a goal.
a life changing “something” that they want to accomplish.
it could graduating college,
have a successful business,
or play with balls for a living.
too many people don’t know the true meaning of sacrifice.
they think that they can still…

run through all forests
be in line to every event
sit front row to every cock fight

its really hard to say the words “nah i can’t”.
its hard to stay home and study.
go to classes to improve yourself.
spending money to make money.
having fun is much more…
when everyone is going left to hang out,
some of us don’t have the will power to go right.
right can be a lonely valley towards the mountain.

tumblr_m8wids6Bsq1qbnvdao1_500its cold.
it’s not well lit.
you’ll go many nights without a warm body next to you.
not to many want to hang out there.
its boring.
its scary.
it causes pineapples to talk crazy shit

“he’s acting funny…”
“oh you don’t want to chill no more…”
“why he want to pursue his goals?”

Joseline-Ho-Why-You-Hereits like I’ve been sacrificing these last few years.
ive been wandering in many valleys trying to find my way.
i lost my road fox last year and it crippled me.
had me scared to climb by myself.
as we approach 2015,
i am getting ready to head towards the great big mountain.
i have a dream.
i want more.
thats the “kiss of death”.
“social siberia”.
see when you want more in life,
you have to give some things up.
many things.
when i get unfocused,
i don’t perform well.
i get lazy.
i get depressed.
updating the foxhole would pretty much end.
i can’t afford that.
i’ve come too far to quit now.
this really deep valley i‘m in,
also know as that place i work,
keeps on making me strive for more.
it isn’t easy,
but it’ll be worth it.
i’m ready to start climbing to find my way to paradise.
are you ready to give some things up as well?
so ask yourself,
as you are in the middle of the valley of sacrifice

Do you want temporary satisfaction or long term happiness?

either you are happy where you are,
or you gotta give up many things to get even better.
the choice is yours.
if you gonna climb the big mountain tho…
i’ll meet you at the top.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “I Walk Through The Valley of The Shadow of Sacrifice”

  1. I want long term happiness. If something is temporary, it means you have to face the fact that one day you will no longer have it, and you will have to be prepared ahead of time. In all, life is temporary, but as long as I have breath in my body I want stability in my life in every aspect.

  2. This speak volumes I have to remind myself and certain people in my life I’m in school and working so I can make the life I always wanted, so I can reach my dreams instead of just doing alright, fuck that I want to be doing great.

  3. The road to long-term success is indeed tiring, lonely, and filled with potholes, but I won’t give up until I reach my destination.

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