Feelin’ Bleu (Bleu de Chanel, That Is)

S107510_XLARGEso i decided to wear this scent today.
bleu de chanel.
my thoughts on it…

it’s a very safe,
year round,
masculine scent.

it reminds me of an enhanced polo or allure homme sport.
it does smell a little bland,
but it isn’t offensive is you layer it on.
i can see why vixens like to smell it.
when it first hit my skin,
it was very crisp with a woody feel.
i was “okay i can work with this…”
the dry down turned into a faint soapy smell on me.
it also vanished after a couple hours.
its actually a good scent for a wolf.
it reminds me of what a baller wolf would smell like post game.
an attentionsto after a good gym workout.
he has charisma.
he knows the right thing to say.
he smells clean.
i’d rather smell this on a wolf i’m meeting for the first time.
t shirt.
wife beater.
the one who is my “type”.
i’d get turned on if i could smell it faintly on him late night.
“fresh out the shower after the gym”.
i definitely wouldn’t use this as my personal signature scent.
it might be different on you tho.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Feelin’ Bleu (Bleu de Chanel, That Is)”

  1. I like it and I almost bought it but to me that scent profile has been done a million times which is why I didnt buy it. BUT when I do want that type of scent I prefer Bulgari Blu

  2. I’ll be checking this one out, you’ve been aspiring me to find a new “signature” fragrance, so I went to sephora and got the cologne sampler. You pay like 60 dollars for a case of like 12 scents for men, try them out then take the voucher on the case back to the store for a full size bottle of whatever scent was your favorite. I’m stuck between Paco Rabanne 1 million and Gucci made to measure.

  3. Hey J! I’m glad you got a chance to try it out and give your feedback! I LOVE this scent! Every time I wear it, I get compliments from women. 😎

    1. It’s in the range of a CK. very light scented….Gucci Guilty and Polo Red is something that’s more up my alley…..

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