The Signature Scents Of 2017 (Layer It On Me)

i always get emails about the latest colognes.
i haven’t had the money to buy any new ones.
i will let the foxhole in on a little secret i’ve been doing.


that’s right.
 i’ve been getting compliments left and right too.
now i know it sounds weird,
but let me explain a little more

i love a good body oil.
it often adds a starting base before i put on a scent.
i was playing around in my stash and sprayed 3 colognes on my bawdy:
one was a scent that i never use:

polo ralph lauren for men

it is strong and super heavy.
it smells like “old snow wolf who likes to golf”.
i decided to use that as a starting base since it was the heaviest.
next i sprayed:

polo double black

i think it smells the best out of all the polo colors.
it also lasts the longest.
since it’s in the “woody” family,
i used that as a middle base.
it calmed down the heaviness of the polo ralph lauren.
now i wasn’t done.
as a top layer,
i added:

armani code,
giorgio armani

it’s a citrus” type of scent,
but i felt it would go with the other two.
i didn’t want to smell all “woody” so that would change it up.

well what i created in the lab smelled awesome.
so i decided to get into more layering of different scents and oils.
that will be my spring/summer scent for this year.


try it!
here are a few tips:

1) keep your scents light

don’t layer a ton of heavy scents together.
always start heaviest and move on up.
your nose should tell you what is heavy and light.

heavy: you can smell it lingering through the day
light: anything that vanishes in an hour

heavy is also for the winter/fall and light is summer/spring.

2) don’t mix and match

keep all the layering in the same scent family.
example: light florals to a dark woods.
that is confusion.
that will cause give everyone a headache.
you can always layer vanillas,
and citrus scents with anything since they are considered “safe”.
vanilla can add a sweetness and musks can bring out spice.
citrus can add a refreshing touch.

3) soap and lotion are a good starting point

you should also be clean.
nothing is worse than funk under cologne.
i find a fresh bar of soap adds variation to your layering.
i love the smell of cocoa butter and that works with everything.
scents last when your skin has a great moisturizing situation going on.
it sticks to it and lasts all day.

4) sit and wait

i always suggest playing around with different scents.
you need to know what goes your personal body chemistry.
you give off powerful pheromones with your scents.
it’s best to give it an hour so they can settle.
layering on paper can give you an idea,
but it can smell entirely different on your body.
keep the spray application light as well.
i usually do three sprays of each on my naked bawdy before i put on clothes.
i let my skin air dry while i do other shit so it can settle.
whatever my favorite scent from the layering is,
i spray it on one of my pulse points.
*behind the knees is my favorite since it works its way up.

5) perfume doesn’t mean you’re a girl

what if i said wearing perfume doesn’t mean you are feminine?
just because it’s labelled “vixen” doesn’t mean it wouldn’t smell good on you.
check this.
before i knew what mixing was years ago,
i use to wear:

rihanna reb’l fleur
the oil version of that perfume

compliments highkey.
everyone wanted to know what i was wearing and why i smelled so good.
i told them it was a new scent from polo.
i wore that for a while since it always worked.
i might have to get that rihanna scent again because that went with my body chemistry.
a good perfume can set off a signature scent.
remember: it’s your scent.
you don’t have to reveal your sources to those who may judge you.

so there you have it foxhole!
scent layering for summer/spring 2017.
a secret weapon in being a fox/wolf/or hybrid and standing out.
experiment and see what you come up with!



Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “The Signature Scents Of 2017 (Layer It On Me)”

    1. ^isn’t it amazing?
      so you don’t smell like one particular thing.
      you smell like a ton of shit that melds into one.
      the best part?
      no one can jack it because it fits only your body chemistry!

      1. It only works if you know what you are doing. Bc when its wrong it ALL wrong. Nothing worse than being sick from your nose be bombarded by cologne and body oil stench all day.

  1. Nah this seems hard. Must be a talent.

    I’ll fuck it up and be smelling like the inside of the Hollister or Abercrombie store 🤷🏾‍♂️😂

  2. Great post I’ve always layered scents with lotions but was always afraid to layer different scents together on the chance of off balancing them.

    Will def try this with some of my scents.

  3. I’ve done this before with D&G’s “La Roue De La Fortune” and Marc Jacobs’ Men once and it was amazing! Haven’t done it in a while though. Also, I agree with wearing perfume as well lol. I wore Calvin Klein’s Eternity for Women for a while because it worked so well with my body.

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