Being Mary Jane… And Now I’m Not Talking About Getting High.

936full-gabrielle-unionbet is on the rise to becoming quality again.
thank god because i had lost hope.
so gabby u has a new movie coming out on the network called,
“being mary jane”.
the two minute trailer already had some eye candy to keep me interested.
warning: the full trailer may not be viewed of some phones.
i’ll get the youtube up and running later…

The movie, starring Gabrielle Union, debuts on the cable channel on July 2 at 10:30 pm.

The hour long production will serve as a teaser for the anticipated Being Mary Jane series scheduled to hit the screens in January 2014.

It is just one of a handful of shows drawing attention to BET’s newfound shift towards original programming.

Being Mary Jane, which was shot in Atlanta, revolves around the main protagonist Mary Jane Paul (played by Union), a successful talk show host, who on the surface has an enviable lifestyle. Still, her life is far from perfect.

“It’s in her [Mary Jane Paul’s] low moments where she most expresses her humanity,” said creator Mara Brock Akil in a Q&A with entertainment journalist Kelly L. Carter after the screening at the stylish W Hotel in Midtown Atlanta.

Though she has the trapping of success, Mary Jane has failed to fulfill a basic need: finding love with a man willing to commit. As she struggles to juggle her personal and professional life, the film also chronicles her devotion to her ailing mother and less successful siblings.


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go gabby.

ChadJohnsonCourtButtSlapi was wondering why you weren’t working…
the movie looks decent.
kinda dry,
but that may have just been the trailer.
i’d check it out.
if they do what i think they probably will do,
the show may actually lead into something interesting.
i’m a little lost as to why we have to wait until 2014 tho…

lowkey: i’m ready for my full serving of:


3 thoughts on “Being Mary Jane… And Now I’m Not Talking About Getting High.

  1. If the show is shot to look like the “movie”, then I’m sold. BET/OWN (whoever “black TV”) needs to put out some QUALITY shows that compete with everything else on TV. Why our stuff gotta be so damn bootleg? Come black people! Tyler, and Oprah, you’re too damn rich for “The Haves and Have Nots” to look like it was shot on a iphone and in Oprah’s first house! Ugh!!!

  2. Looks like a good movie.

    She needs to be keeping an eye on her man tho. I hear he’s creeping on her like a mug. LMAO…

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