What To Buy When You’re A New Baller Wolf

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 6.19.30 PMi always wondered what it’s like to be a pre baller wolf who gets drafted.
especially if you’re #1.
well what is the first thing you buy?
a car?
drop some cash in jamari fox’s checking account for research purposes?
no no no.
wait yeah yeah yeah about my bank account.
you buy…

Jadeveon Clowney blinged himself out just hours before the NFL Draft — dropping some NFL-style cash on incredible jewelry … including gold necklaces, diamond pieces and a Rolex watch TMZ Sports has learned. 

We know … Clowney hit up Gabriel Jacobs from Rafaello & Co. in New York on Thursday and treated himself to some top quality items including:

— 24k gold necklace with 10 ounce gold bar surrounded in a frame peppered in diamonds (estimated value: $20k) 
— Presidential Rolex watch with black face (estimated value: $45k)
— Gold angel pendant with diamonds (estimated value: unknown but expensive)

Sources connected to Clowney tell us he also bought gifts for family members and people in his camp. We’re told Clowney didn’t want to be flashy, but rather “classy.”

Clowney isn’t the only baller who hit up Rafello & Co. that day — a bunch of other NFL Prospects went jewelry shopping including: 

Greg Robinson (#2 pick) All-black diamond Phantom Rafello Tourbillon watch 
— estimated cost: $123k 

Khalil Mack (#5 pick)  18k Gold Cartier Santos XL watch
— estimated cost: $84k 

Mike Evans (#7 pick) Rolex Deep Sea Covered Watch (all VVS-quality diamonds) and custom diamond bracelet
— estimated cost: $43k 

Brandin Cooks (#20 pick) White gold & diamond Presidential Rolex watch
— estimated value: $46k

Ha Ha Clinton Dix (#21 pick) All diamond Presidential Rolex  and Cuban Link diamond bracelet with diamonnd studs
— estimated value: $55k 

Johnny Manziel (#22 pick) Rose gold Presidential Rolex
— estimated value: $30k

Jason Verrett (#25 pick) Solid gold 18k Breitling Bentley watch with diamond studs
— estimated value: $30k

ya’ll know some of this jewelry is rented right?
…lets not mention the upcoming child support they’re about to pay as well.

lord knows who got a coochie full of baby batter this weekend.
then they wonder why i say there is free money in these streets.

aexqc4ain’t no booty/throat should be given for free.

lowkey: i’ll be posting about the fine new baller wolves for 2014.
stay tuned.

story found: tmz sports

11 thoughts on “What To Buy When You’re A New Baller Wolf

  1. If you’re a well to do man, there is nothing wrong with buying a nice timepiece for yourself. That’s not an elaborate purchase. It’s standard. Get a nice watch,a few nice suits for press conferences/events, and get your teeth fixed….STANDARD. Don’t judge these men. It’s a part of the culture/job. If you got a new job that paid six figures, you’d step it up too. Same idea.

    1. I wouldn’t. I’d just save it. Jewelry, sports cars, and mansions don’t do it for me.

  2. I often wondered why some of these guys don’t learn about how to protect their money before dropping all that cash on these so called luxury items? So acquiring large sums of money means that you go out and spend it all as soon as you get it? Most of these guys come from working class families and have dreamed of making it big and I get wanting to celebrate success but I what would I do if I had that kind of cash coming in. I definitely would do my best to turn it into generational wealth not right now wealth.

  3. Jewelery is a nice asset, but I don’t think many of the players realize that, so they wind up being big show-offs only to get robbed of them.

  4. Women are out here trying to get the pipe while they are ovulating to get their hands on that fresh doe.

    I have seen some fine ass dudes come through man, I already have a couple favs.

  5. I won’t be surprised when you’re posting about these players going broke. They just got drafted. Ain’t been two days and they’re already blowing it on jewelry. And buying stuff for people in his camp… Lawd! it’s MC Hammer all over again. When will niggas learn?

  6. Nothing new and as you said get ready for the child support payments, and let me add new pool of Becky’s to choose from.
    The ultimate dream of a new baller wolf.

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