(Bae) Go Walk The Dog!

tumblr_n5aqr1rGkc1r96op2o1_500…in my mind i would ask:

“…but where are you going without these clothes on tho?”

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “(Bae) Go Walk The Dog!”

  1. DAMN. Those thighs. If I was driving by and laid eyes on him, I’d would have crashed right into a fire hydrant.

  2. That don’t even look comfortable. Everything is open.

    If I seen him tho, I’d straight be admiring his ass.

  3. Perfection. Not even minding the tats. I can tell he has a nice round juicy one without even seeing the back. I hate that I always spot someone so fine and tempting like this when rushing to work on a packed train or in traffic in my car without a minute to spare. Brothers this fine make me use all the self control I can muster. If The Man is reading this, respect your elder and stand down. Thank you.

      1. When you do let me know please.
        As for now, I’m gonna start using saran wraps when I do cardio and abs workout.

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