Gotcha Back.


I Am The Type When I Find A Man I Like,
Its On And Poppin,
And No Stoppin,
The Things I Do For You.

No Complications,
Baby Keep It Real.

Do One To Me,
As I Do,
And Everything Will Be Cool.

When You Find Yourself In Times Of Trouble,
Remember That Im By Your Side
Lean On me,
When Your Not Strong,
Ill Be Your Friend,

Ill Help You Carry On…

Im Down For Whatever,
No Matter How Ya Act.

Ya Never Have To Worry Bout A Thing,
I Gotcha Back.

When No One Else Is There,
With Me You can Chill.

Because It Feels Real Good,
When You Know Somebody’s Gotcha Back. – ( x i got ya back, aaliyah )

lowkey: one of my fav body parts.
one of my fav aaliyah songs.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Gotcha Back.”

  1. OPM1988 just reminded me. My brothers and their friends are constantly saying Yaassss!!!! now because of that Nicki and Soulja Boy song. It’s so weird hearing them say it. I doubt they know how homo it is unless some of them are DL. My brothers and their friends were some of the first ones to use “no homo” here in my town. Now they’re screaming Yaassss!!!! and they sound so fem.

    On topic, I like a good back too. I thought this entry was titled “baby got back” at first.

    1. Of course they sound fem. The word can’t roll off the tongue in a masculine way lol. It is gay lingo used by feminine men who do not have a base in their voices.

      1. I know. I’m just mentioning how fem they sounded because it’s so ironic that dudes who constantly said “no homo” after every other thing are now screaming “Yaassss!!!!” in such a homo way.

  2. Well, that baby got back–and ass. That ass is fighting to get out of those shorts! It’s bustin’ loose–or trying to.

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