Michael Sam Is Now A St. Louis Ram!

dm_140210_ncf_nfl_michael_sam_extended_convothey said it would never happen.
they said it would never be done.
hell even i had my doubts.
i was checking google to see if michael sam got drafted.
i just got the update that he is now part of the st. louis rams.
i had a couple awesome ram jokes just popped in my mind.
not the time jamari.
not the time.
well congrats!
things are about to get REAL interesting this coming season.
i’m here for it.

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “Michael Sam Is Now A St. Louis Ram!”

  1. I’m very excited, but I just hated that he had to be squeezed in at the very end. It might come off as some charity or trivia. That said, this is only the beginning. Now you have to fight for that roster spot.

    1. OPM1988, I don’t think that the money-grubbing NFL owners do charity. He was drafted for what he can do for the team/for the teams bottom line.

      But as I’m typing this comment, I remember that Kerry Rhodes is still waiting for the call from an NFL team and he’s one of the best at his position. So I wonder was Kerry Rhodes blackballed due to the “gay” rumors or did he overprice himself or is he no longer NFL quality for his position.

      So I start off saying that it’s about the quality of the player in the NFL and then I end by saying that it may not always be about the quality of player in the NFL. I started in one direction and then turned around and went in the opposite direction. Since I’ve taken both sides of the argument, I can’t be wrong. LOL Well, I’ll be!

      1. I do not like speaking on Kerry Rhodes topics regarding that situation anymore, but I have to weigh in on this one man lol. Kerry is an above average safety, so it’s a shock that he is not signed to a team. However, the situation with Kerry last year was messy af, and he was receiving negative attention due to Hollywood and his antics. I mean Hollywood was going to great lengths to basically destroy him and no team wants to be a part of that shit. It is a distraction.

        I also believe that Michael was drafted because of his skills. I thought he was nervous during the combine, which may explain why he did not put up good numbers. He is a good pass rusher and that would attract most teams.The Rams are a defensive team and they need all the defense they can get to face the bullies in their division so.

  2. This situation is not going to be as interesting as you all may think. When Jason Collins signed to the Nets, the tone was set, and to this point the situation has worked out fine. Sure they will be media press, but it will die down by Week 1.

    I was worried he was not going to be drafted, which would have stirred up drama for sure. Glad he got picked. He would have been drafted in the fourth or fifth round if he had performed better at the combine.

  3. Now we must wait for the first player to call him a faggot on the field so they can blow it up to epic proportions.

  4. I mile stone crossed now he gota get past them cuts. All in all I’m happy…….. NOW SISSY THAT WALK!!!!

  5. I’m very happy for him and St. Louis is ideal considering all the support he already has in Missouri. The same Rams coach also coached Wade who came out a year or so ago and Wade said hugged him after he addressed the team owners, so he should have a very supportive environment.

  6. It doesn’t surprise the Rams drafted Michael Sam considering they were also the first NFL team to integrate. Wishing Mr. Sam a successful rookie season and career.

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