The Snow Fox Who Got The New Baller Wolf

MICHAELSAMKISSthat snow fox just got him some new twitter followers and dinner at tgif fridays.
i’m not mad.
not mad at all.
so that was michael sam after the announcement was made.
white america is comfortable?
if it was ME and my baller wolf thoooooooooo…

i would have been on my knees once the announcement was made.
index index-1no cameras of course.
after i was done,
its time to discuss my baller wolf’s schedule/wardrobe for his coming events.
i need to get to work.
no sitting on my ass scrolling through online stores.
what kind of fox do you think i am?
no no no.
daddy needs to make his team proud…
and us very very rich.

shoutout to f-bi @eluvaman for the shot

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

64 thoughts on “The Snow Fox Who Got The New Baller Wolf”

    1. Oprah, here’s your answer: There is much self-hating, black racism in the African American community. So this self-hate is expressed in a number of ways, including murder of other blacks (I’ve heard of blacks killing other blacks and the murderer calling the murdered a “black nigger” to lessen and dehumanize the victim, calling other blacks the N word, not patronizing black owned businesses (A nigger is someone who is stupid, dumb and lazy and even a nigger is smart enough not to use a nigger doctor, lawyer, carpenter, etc.), choosing a non-black for a spouse (So, just as in the the doll experiment, the black children preferred the white doll to the black doll, it “makes sense” that a black man–particularly a rich one–would prefer a white (or other than black) woman to a black woman. He can afford the best house, the best wine and the best car so he wants (and can afford) the best woman to go along with it.

      Well, black self-hate and the adoption of European standards of beauty means that the best woman will have “fair” (pale) skin, an aquiline (pointy) nose, long “silky” (stringy) hair and thin lips and not dark skin, wide (broad) nose, nappy (strong/tightly coiled) hair and thick/big (full) lips.) And see

      And it was through slavery and Jim Crow that these self-hatred attributes were adopted by African Americans and spread from generation to generation. And it was due to the distortions of that and racial discrimination that such things grew and were perpetuated such that some black boys might say that “You’re acting white” if you are a studious student or “You’re talking white” if you speak grammatically correct American English. These attitudes are an outgrowth of a social environment/social mileu/social structure—a dysfunctional one

      Oprah, do you use the N word? If so, you’re part of the problem!

    2. Oprah, here’s the information on the doll experiments by Dr. Kenneth Clark. See “The Clarks’ doll experiments grew out of Mamie Clark’s master’s degree thesis. They published three major papers between 1939 and 1940 on children’s self-perception related to race. Their studies found contrasts among African-American children attending segregated schools in Washington, DC versus those in integrated schools in New York. The doll experiment involved a child being presented with two dolls. Both of these dolls were completely identical except for the skin and hair color. One doll was white with yellow hair, while the other was brown with black hair. The child was then asked questions inquiring as to which one is the doll they would play with, which one is the nice doll, which one looks bad, which one has the nicer color, etc. The experiment showed a clear preference for the white doll among all children in the study. These findings exposed internalized racism in African-American children, self-hatred that was more acute among children attending segregated schools.”

      “In 2006 filmmaker Kiri Davis recreated the doll study and documented it in a film entitled A Girl Like Me. Despite the many changes in some parts of society, Davis found the same results as did the Drs. Clark in their study of the late 1930s and early 1940s. In the original experiment(s) the majority of the children choose the white dolls. When Davis repeated the experiment 15 out of 21 children also choose the white dolls over the black, giving similar reasons as the original subjects, associating white with being “pretty” or “good” and black with “ugly” or “bad”. The dolls used in the documentary were identical except for skin color.”

  1. Like someone said on tv it’s gonna be interesting to see what happens. He didn’t perform well at the combine so if he doesn’t impress on the field and gets cut ppl will swear its because he’s gay and if they keep him for media purposes the team will hate him. We’ll see how he meshes with the team soon.

    I don’t envy the pressure he’s going to be under at all…

    1. The more I read about the more I feel like it was charity. The NFL just didn’t want to deal with a possible uproar if no one picked him.

      I wonder if he would’ve made it if he was straight? Either way he has to work his way up and prove himself.

      1. He was the SEC defensive player of the year, so he was going either way. He did not perform will at the combine, but he has potential was there, and someone was going to take a chance.

  2. Not gonna lie. I’m honestly happy for him. Can you imagine how hard it’d be for him to date? Hopefully they stay together and show America that gays can have normal healthy relationships. I’m not holding it to him tho. He shouldn’t feel pressure to stay with him just to keep up an image if he’s not happy. But I say “good for him.”

    Nothing about them looks dysfunctional. And the kiss looks genuine, unlike the seasoned silver snow fox and his young wolf cub.

  3. No disrespect! But I am tired of seeing oreo couples over n over n over n over n over. Somewhere down the line there needs to be some chocolate on chocolate love.

  4. But seriously tho. How come both Derrick and Sam when they kiss a white guy, they put on funny faces?

    1. Michael kiss was an emotional one, and it was REAL. Now, Derrick kiss on the other hand…well, it may have been done to put on a show.

  5. I see he and his boo made the front page of the Daily Mail and other mainstream sites.… Glad he’s with a team and can prove his chops. Happy my team didn’t get him and all the circus media.
    I will say this most, of these black baller wolves who are gay and coming out will run into the hands of snow foxes. It will be a rare case to see a black/black baller power couple just as it is rare on the straight side. Thought Michael was going to be the except but it is his life to date whomever. Obviously he was in a relationship with this dude before he came out.
    I will never keep my hopes up on any of these dudes now and in the future on setting an example for younger black gay youths when it comes to growing and fostering healthy relationships and what it would mean seeing a black gay super couple.

  6. hmmm Sam with his present lover….interesting…says a lot about black guys dating within their race..guess the black guys are too ..well lets just say they do not represent well…good for him…congrats don’t let that snow bunny fuck up your career

  7. Like I said before it is his decision and his only who he loves.

    Black twitter and White twitter will tear him apart…He may not want to agree but his interracial relationship will not be looked upon very favorably especially to the masses this earlier in his pro career not on Night 1. Most blacks who are on the fence with him would have embraced him if it was a brotha. lets be clear. Folks would have talk but most would have given him a chance and it would be seen as positive for little black gay boys. White America and straight black women will just rub it. First is was Derrick and now Michael …clearly there is a trend….

  8. Remember this is unchartered territory for the league. His coming out has put a sharp focus on,

    A. What it’s like to be gay and black in America
    B. Being Gay and an Athlete in the NFL.

    plus he’s setting a precedent. Everything he does will be symbolic and rightfully ought to be scrutinized.

  9. Im not surprised at all. As far as internalized prejudice and self hate goes that transcends sexuality. It should be no shock that just like their str8 counterparts these black gay athletes put higher value in being with someone white, that is if they even see any value in being with someone of their own race. These recently out black athletes do break barriers as far as the gay community is concerned, however shine the light even brighter on an issue that continues to plague the black community. It would be remiss of any black individual especially gay black individual to not see the trend and what it represents. Also don’t think that other non black communities both gay and non gay wont notice this trend as well. I have already seen comments on social media like “even black gays don’t want to be with other blacks”. I will say this love is love but no one just happens to prefer another race over their own for no reason at all, there is more to it.

    I hope Michael Sam does not suffer from any self hate, if so I hope he self evaluates to become aware much like Wade Davis did in his candid article concerning the matter.

    Outside of any possible self hate Im actually not that bothered by this though. This seems like a more age appropriate, established, and genuine relationship than that Derrick Gordon shit.

    At the end of the day black love is alive and so is black gay love. On the everyday level the majority of blacks are with blacks and even in the entertainment world. It may not get the spotlight but it is there. Also this should not taint interracial relationships either, there are plenty of mixed race couples that are together and race was not a factor. The focus should simply be on compatibility.

  10. What you said Jay is spot on but what is everywhere now is the notion of the ‘Black Gay Athlete ‘ dating white men similar to their straight counterparts. Society and our community never dealt with that before.
    More so it seem to happen in the span of a week with Derrick leading the way and now Michael Sam following.
    The bigger issue is why the most prominent black gays are dating outside of their race? Robin Roberts et others.

    1. Michael Sam has been dating White Guys since High School.Jason Collins dated white females since high school.I DK about Derrick.My point is they didn’t START dating after they became successful.
      I think a better question is why are so many Masculine Black Gay Men in the closet, on the Dl, discreet, etc? How many of the guys on IJF would be comfortable enough to be Michael’s boyfriend, to kiss him on national tv? Just asking?
      Happy he was drafted and I hope he makes the team.Hope some of the other Gay ballers he mentioned on GMA come out so he won’t be the only one.

      1. Oh there are plenty of black guys that are out and proud and available for dating so that is no excuse. Its not that anybody is dating interracially its the fact that they exclude blacks from their dating options and almost exclusively date white. With that knowledge wouldn’t one be prompted to question why?

  11. Zack you know Im glad that you mentioned Robin Roberts. We are so in a hurry to display our disdain only when the person in question is considered desirable. However there are other prominent black gay people who represent this trend. All I can say is that we need to prioritize our issues. So many of us in the lgbt community place being gay ahead of being black. I think we need to unify ourselves as black people weather gay or straight and see the beauty and strength in being black but also the beauty and strength in black unions. From that foundation we can tackle any issue.
    There will always be interracial relationships and they are beautiful however I do not support any of these unions if one or both parties are in it due to any type of prejudice against their own race. Im not saying that Michael Sam suffers from this but I know you know this trend makes it hard to weed out the genuine relationships. I always say C’est la vie however I would like to apply that more often toward positive issues.

    1. Congrats to him, I wasn’t impressed by his performance at the combine, , however i am happy that he made it. The black social comments are not favorable to him at all. He seems to be an OK person and I wish him well. He comes from a tough, trauma filled background, hope he doesn’t forget his sister, I heard his brothers were all killed, and or in Jail.. just an aside, this may be a way to escape his past. Slavery has really sheggup Some Black people’s minds. I wonder does anyone ever wonder how other nationalities view the Black community when they see all their so called celebs marrying outside their race. We know that there are many successful Black gay couples. I know quite a few, however perceptions become what is real to people looking in and the power of IMAGERY dictates public opinion. be Frank most people can’t think on that level as it takes “critical ” thinking skills so trying to explain to some people the power of imagery and why it’s important is like pulling teeth.

  12. Frank Lotion, Michael Sam, Wade Davis, Derrick Gordon, Don Lemon, Jason Collins, Wanda Sykes all prefer white partners. No other minority, not even an Asian or Latino….something’s very telling about this, no way is thid by chance.

    I hope and pray Robin Roberts has a black woman.

    1. Don Lemon dated a black guy before his current partner. The thing is, race really shouldn’t be an issue here. You go in a club, you meet a guy, why say no to him because he’s white.

      Micheal Sam is clearly in love and the video of him crying on the phone, his boyfriend crying with him, kinda rubbing his arm as he awaits the news. I honestly wanted to tear up.

      THAT is love, unquestionable love that means the world to everyone on this planet. He found someone who loves him and strongly. I would KILL for that and I wouldn’t care which avenue it came from. Race has no meaning here. And for many celebrities, its honestly just that. Love. They don’t care who it materialized in, they just care who’s holding the other side of their hearts.

      Don’t call it a trend. This isn’t a fad, man. This is just two people who have learned not to focus on race, but rather compatibility as some have stated so eloquently above.

      I’m damn proud of him and any other player that comes out. whoever they love, let them love. If it’s anything like Micheal Sam’s, then i wouldn’t even give it a questioning glance. Because something that special deserves no queries or deep analysis.

      I feel like he found an amazing guy.

      1. Oh cher if only it was that simple. Many black people who date interracially are either very vocal about their disdain for black people or show it in their associations. True, not every one is like that, and it is beautiful if you find someone who compliments you no matter the race. That unfortunately is not the case always when it comes to black people. If you pay attention u will notice that there is a disproportionate amount of successful blacks who date interracially as compared to other races. I know its not an easy pill to swallow and most people would like to sweep the issue under the rug because it does not feel good.

        There is nothing wrong with interracial relationships but we also need to see positive examples of black love in the spotlight as well, especially in the lgbt community. I believe in balance and while we need to know that every black person who dates interracially is not suffering from self hate, we would also need to be aware of that fact that some are so that we can identify and eliminate that problem.

    1. Someone said for many celebs it’s love, just love..give me a break., many of them lack the respect, love of self to love someone that look like them. I can tell you that as fact. I have treated a few notables in my practice that have serious self esteem issues.. Some don’t even know who the he’ll they are.

      I must say I do like Michael Sam, seems like a nice, genuine guy. I highly recommend reading Wade Davis’ s column on the Huffington Post about how his internalized self hatred affected his choice in realtionships…We can deny the reality, however this doesn’t change the reality of what is going on..

      1. I must also add that Jason c. Has messed around with a black guy…I know this as fact as I am witness to it. He actually is a nice guy, somewhat shy, quite shy nothing like he comes across on the court.

      2. I’m not sure if dating outside the race is self hate like dating it opposite sex is self hate, but i feel changing one self is self hate( weave, contacts, skin bleach) my mother side as interracial love in it I feel like black people who hate interracial live hate mixed children for just being born like mariah Carey and Barack Obama. But it’s a no win for a dark skin or non light skin black man if he with light skin man/woman or mixed he self hates he with dark skin they get made fun of cause they dark skinned. It’s funny to see black men called self hater when they look black but women whom wear weave 24/7 contacts makeup for light skin tone or skin bleach get mad and they look less black and say “well whites are easy to deal with” why should people have to “deal with” you? Yet they claim I wear European weave cause it’s ” easy to deal with” at least the black guy like looking black. I don’t know I’m still glad Mariah Carey is who she is she my fab singer who used to have a lively voice. For all those who hate black/non black love boycott scandal a high rated show about a educated black woman whoms a white man whore whoring for massa.

  13. Queen Latifah, Monifah, Raven Symone, Kordale and Kaleb (Gay Dads), Nate and Rob (Gay Wedding), Quincy and Deondra (Black Gay Couple married on Grammy’s and creators of DL Chronicles.I just watched a Gay Stylist marry his Black husband on Lala Anthony reality show.There are hundreds of examples of Black Gay Love in the media.
    There is TOO much focus on a dozen or so Blacks in the public eye with White samesex partners IMO.Most Black people have Black partners whether they are straight or gay.

    1. Maybe cause the white boys tend to be the wife in the relationship; I go down with white guys, cause they are less scared to come up on u and tell u whats up, and they are ready to get it popping, plus white guys will worship u if u are a big build black men, that’s why, a black dud its to much drama , even tho I like me some fine ass man

  14. This shit is stressful.
    I’m gonna date my Afritino and half black half Latino men.
    Too much headache over this oreo issue.
    There nothing wrong with a black man dating a white man even if he’s prejudice against black people because you know why? Because you don’t own him. And there nothing you can do about it. No offense, but black Americans are not positive people at all and always looking for something wrong. If Michael Sam was dating a black guy, he will probably be like Peanut and sabotaging the relationship.

    1. Lindo, I object to your words: “There nothing wrong with a black man dating a white man even if he’s prejudice against black people because you know why? Because you don’t own him. And there nothing you can do about it. No offense, but black Americans are not positive people at all and always looking for something wrong. If Michael Sam was dating a black guy, he will probably be like Peanut and sabotaging the relationship.”

      Racism is the belief that one race is superior or inferior to another. See what I told Oprah above about self-hating, anti-black racism. Just because it’s self-hate, self-inferiority doesn’t make it right. It’s still wrong. It’s still racism

      Further your statement that black Americans are not positive people at all, goes to the deepest of stereotypes and probably racism as does your statement about Michael Sam dating a black by who would “probably” be “like Peanut and sabotaging the relationship.

      Your words are logically wrong. Your words are racist and I object and abhor racism in all its forms and permutations–whether white anti-black racism, black self-hating anti-black racism or otherwise. Donald Sterling’s words are a step up from yours!

  15. Let me break down what you are saying,

    a. White bois “tend to be the wife in the relationship”.
    So white dudes are submissive and all a black man wants is to control his partner. If two black men get together there will be a struggle with who is the more dominant person? Black men always dogging you out and controlling you.

    b. “I go down with white guys, cause they are less scared to come up on u and tell u whats up”
    Again you are owning up to the fact that you are a control freak when it comes dating and Interracial relationships allow you to wield a certain power that a man your won race and any sound minded person won’t tolerate.

    3. “they are ready to get it popping”
    They will basically be my slave and they will do what ever I tell them be it sex, financial etc. I will use them.

    4. “white guys will worship u if u are a big build black men”
    You don’t have to have a good character, intelligence, life full of experiences, a sound career, family, etc all the things couples looks for when in a relationship. Just show up with your big black self and white men will swoon and give into your demands. Basically black men don’t have or aspire to have anything other than a rip body, killer face, and stank attitude. And if a black man is successful they’ll never be good enough in your eyes because of their race. A less successful white person stands a chance with you.

    5. “black dud its to much drama”
    They are all a bunch of losers, I’m not ever going to entertain dating a black man or taking a potential relationship serious. A white relationship has no drama, yeah right!

    6. “even tho I like me some fine ass man”
    I will still FU_K them though. All I really see is a phat ass and a huge dick. I will ignore anything else they have or bring to the relationship.

    David are we back in slavery times? You whole disposition is flawed with self hate and the self deprecation is evident in every word you said. You basically put your butt out and said what a lot of these self hating black men and women who for one thing or another value a interracial relationship more so then one with their own race.

    With a mind like that no wonder they are “less scared to come up on u and tell u whats up, and they are ready to get it popping”. You’re basically aiding them and giving them ammunition to disrespect blacks and to look down upon a race of people forgetting to know a snow bunny will put your ass right in the back of the bus when push comes to shove.

    I’m all for dating when love is the top priority but don’t go about love in the wrong way and put your own people down.
    What black man in their right mind will want to be with you and all that hate.

    1. Zachary you read it right to the T. Just allow some to open their mouth and their truth comes rolling spewing out…like I said earlier slavery has really sheggup up some of the breddas, brothas. Trying to help them process what they feel, is a waste of time , some do not have the “critical” thinking skils, the objectivity, to see their own shortcomings. What they think, feel is who they are, yet they want to say Black men are fukd. What a rass joke.

  16. As I have pointed out before Frank Ocean, Wanda Sykes, Don Lemon, Jason Collins have dating Black men.So when they date a White person they became”self hating” .What were they when they dated Blacks? Not one of these Gay celebrities has ever said they only date nonBlacks so why group them with the Blacks who DON’T Date Blacks.

    Michael Sam’s boyfriend Vito came out publicly in 2011 as a Mizzou Swimmer.It’s possible that was a factor in how they met and bonded.I doubt that there were many” out” college athlete at Mizzou.So there was something they had in common.

    1. Y Colette, you appear to not understand the difference between “some” and “all”, among other things. If Frank Ocean, Wanda Sykes, Don Lemon and Jason Collins suffer from anti-black, self-hating racism, they likely suffered from it before dating other than blacks.

      Love is love is love. That is a person of one ethnic/racial group can come to love a person of another ethic/racial group and that’s fine. On the other hand, we know that there is a tremendous amount of self-hating racism among African Americans whereby they hate black/African features-dark skin, broad noses, full lips and strong/nappy/tightly coiled hair. And because of that self-hating anti-black racism, they see is superior/preferred white/European features–pale skin, pointy noses, thin lips and stringy hair. I don’t know whether the persons you mentioned or Michael Sam is influenced by this self-hating racism but I do reject racism in all its form and all its permutations. ( I do suspect that their affections are influenced by that anti-black, self-hating racism because in the USA, we swim in racism/raciat media all day, every day.) So, I cannot agree with the attitude “as long as they’re happy, good for them”. I say “As long as they are happy and not influenced by racism, good for them.” I reject racism in all its forms and permutations–even if it is disguised as “just love”. And I invite you to reject racism in all its forms and permutations.

      1. You seem to have the problem distinguishing between some and all since you bring up this “self hating” topic on “EVERY” post involving interracial couples.I can point out a person who dates almost entirely within his race, if he dates ONE white person you post those same first two comments.It’s overkill to repeat those same two comments dozens of times.It dilutes your message, it is monotonous.

  17. Personally, I have never been a fan of interracial relationships, but through this blog, I have come to accept it and look at things from a different perspective concerning this issue, thanks to all the incredible people who post here with their intelligent observations. However, I am still not going to go down the vanilla highway looking for a partner, no matter how much people try to say there are no good Black men, I just cant give up on my brothers because I know somewhere he is out there waiting on me too.

    In my humble opinion, I think Micheal Sam is being used by the white gay media. The only way you can be accepted as a Black man in their world, is to have a White man on your arms. This whole things seems orchestrated, the supportive white boyfriend just happens to be there when he gets the call along with a room full of other supportive white people who are just so happy. This whole scene speaks volumes and lets me know that most of these Black dudes that the white gay media will spotlight will never give anyone Black the time of day anyway so no need to waste time crying about them. I really become indifferent to these Black celebs who have come out parading their White saviors. They cross over to Whiteland never to return until they catch a case or White Amerikka turns on them.

    Good luck to him on the field because he is going to need it, all this extra attention is not going to endear him to his teammates, and the kissing and crying probably sealed the deal that he will face a lonely isolated first year.

    1. As men of color, Black men let’s support Michael, and all the rest. Show them love, respect irregardles. They can use it..they are still a part of us.

    2. tajan, I agree with you–good luck to Michael Sam. But he did himself no favors by the crying and kissing for the TV audience. In fact, that has already gotten the attention of NFL players, the media and no doubt NFL owners.

  18. Enough is enough.

    You know, on these interracial posts, all of you are constantly singing the same tune over and over again, it never fails. One of you starts it, and then the rest follow. As if we didn’t already know that Michael Sam likes white men. We talked about this before, yes we did. You Foxes are wondering why you are not winning, look how you are acting on all these threads. It is not completely your skin tone, but it is about attitude. Let’s start with the colorism that exists in not just the gay community, but the black community as a whole. Light skin vs dark skin vs caramel etc, and now you are trying to compete with the white man? I find that laughable. You have gay black men exposing other gay black men left and right. Next, you a have the black gay men who act out when their relationship goes sour, and the first thing they want to do is leak their partner’s pictures. Lastly, what about gay men who are size queens who only prefer men with ten inches or more? Who da fuck wants to put up with that shit? My own friends jealous of me n shit, and try to make me look like a bad friend, which I am far from. They stop seeing you as a friend and start seeing you as competition. Some of y’all know what I’m talkin about on that topic. It don’t make sense. You think that happens within other races? Nope. Maybe you all will start winning if you stop fighting each other and try to uplift your peers, but first you have to start with yourself, and get your self-esteem up out of the gutter and quit disrespecting other people for who they choose to be in a relationship with. Black women are exactly the same. I said before that Foxes and black women have the same mindsets when it comes to dealing with men. They get upset with black men who choose white women, but they are the first ones twerking in the middle of Wal-Mart acting a damn fool. People are out here giving the goods away for free with a coupon instead of making the dude work for it.

    Since he doesn’t have to work for sex, he does not expect to work for anything else he wants from you. Shit, he already got what he wanted on the first night anyway, and on top of that he got it raw. For those reasons only, the respect is not there from him to you because he knows you don’t respect yourself. Then you want to come up with some lame ass excuse as to why you gave it to him so soon. Oh he was fine, he was 6’5 and 215 pounds of pure muscle, and he had a million dollar smile. You can remember his physical features, but can’t remember that he doesn’t have a car, or a job, and he told you that he still lives with his ex-boyfriend. Yet, he was a good enough to get it. *side eye*

    You want to attract a good black man? Take a look in the mirror and see what you can improve on within yourself before you try and judge someone else and their household. I’m done.

    1. I.SEE.NO.LIES.

      You had to do this.

      I honesty wish there was more presence of black gay couples in the media (and I think it will happen within time), but chastising someone over whom he choses to love isn’t just petty and divisive, it’s hypocritical. Having meltdowns over these situations will only perpetuate the stereotypes of black gay men and further justify situations like we are complaining about.

      When we begin to empower ourselves as black gay men, stuff like this won’t even matter.

    2. Wow TheMan wtf. I don’t know why its an issue with identifying an issue that we face in our community. I really cant stand docile black people gay or straight that want to just accept anything and keep it moving like its all good. That is why we haven’t made the amount of progress that we can because its too many of us just willing to go along with attitudes that don’t help build our community.

      First off on an every day level black foxes are still getting black wolves so lets be clear. I definitely have not had a problem with this. Also I don’t fit the description of the outing, size queen, bad attitude, fuck everybody hoe that you seem to think most black foxes fit in to. People to this day don’t know that I like men and I have never outed anyone. In the last 4 years I have only been with 2 people. I know for sure that Im not the only one who is decent either, there are plenty black foxes that aren’t with any bullshit. Also if you think that some of that bull shit doesn’t go on in other races then you clearly are extremely young or in denial.

      Also what makes you think that this shit is all on the foxes. Black foxes aren’t limited to just black wolves. The problem is that black people don’t value other black people so a black fox that makes it can just as easily choose a white wolf.

      Its not even really just about interracial dating simply its about the reason that it is done. If someone just happens to be open and finds a compatible person then fine, but if they exclude their own race then that is a problem. I don’t know why you don’t see how that is an issue.

      I really hope you take an in depth look at these situations. Of course not everyone who is in a mixed race relationship is suffering from self hate. Answer me this though, if its all genuine why are the overwhelming majority of these gay black celebs that are in mixed race relationships with Caucasian individuals? There are plenty of other races that would also still qualify as being in a mixed race union. Coincidence I think not.

      1. No, what you all need to do is stay out of people’s business and focus on yourself. It is a Hollywood issue. It has nothing to do with you.

  19. Y Colette, I’m not sure which it is: 1. Do you not understand what I write or 2. Do you puposefully and intentiontially seek to twist and misinterpret what I write. It’s one or the other.. In any case, I’m happy that you read my comments. Unfortunately, it appears that you’ve learned nothing from them.

      1. The man..I heat what you state above, again don’t put all black men in the same basket. Fact is the problems, attitude you attribute is not a black gay man’s problem, it happens across all nationalities, culyures. It’s a human problem.

  20. V Don Rodney, you got that right. It’s a human condition, not a black condition, not an African American condition, not a black gay man condition!

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