Trey Songz, Smartphones, and His Big Ass Pipe (Lordt)

tumblr_n3qihhPCQP1qcqu60o1_500that songzbird reign just don’t let up?
so trey songs has a new video out.
it’s called “smart phones”.
hopefully you have one…
if not i’m judging.
anyway here is the video and my thoughts while watching the explicit version

Trey Songz – SmartPhones [Explicit Video Version] from Trey Songz on Vimeo.

i like this intro.
why do i assume this is a night in the life of trey songz?
well hello: look at all this smut!
head in the shower.
head in the car.
trey always has some fine vixens in his videos.


tumblr_n5dlrnVXxA1qbw767o2_250 tumblr_n5dlrnVXxA1qbw767o1_250LOOK AT HOW IT FLOPPED IN HIS DRAWZ!!!!
hold on…
i’m back.
id wake him up with that big ass pipe in my mouth.
what is with this chick’s wig?
why she is sleeping on the couch?
what iOS does he have on his iPhone cause i don’t have that?
lol @ these whores frolicking in his kitchen.
if i’m with trey songz,
i’m already assuming fucked some bitch on the elevator when he left my crib.
i was waiting for whore #1 to call whore #2 and #3 to suck his big ass pipe in the kitchen
*rewinds to see big ass pipe again*
that pipe makes no kind of sense.
ok back…
“smart phones don’t cheat?”
alright trey hitting these high notes…
this sounds like another song for these idiot wolves to say “yo this my life”.
why did he park the car to run down the street?
that didn’t seem like a smart decision.
she was gonna kill herself…
well for that big ass pipe then yes.
i’ll excuse her.

well i hope my smartphone never cheats on me.
i’ve grown pretty attached to siri.
other than that,
cool typical “i cheated on you so lets have make up sex” trey songz music i guess.
i know one thing:
i want to be introduced to his big friend.
face to face.
i’d def buy his album then.
afterwards we could all go serfboartin.
trey call me!



trey gifs courtesy of fuckyeahtreysongz

32 thoughts on “Trey Songz, Smartphones, and His Big Ass Pipe (Lordt)

  1. The things I would do to be able to suck that dick Trigga if u want a bj call me

  2. I aint doubting that Trey is hung, but I feel like he’s the type of dude who would put something in his drawers to make him look bigger. He does all knida thirst causing stuff. Showing his “V” line in concert… I can see him doing this. He loves the attention. Lol!

  3. That’s the same shit strippers use. It’s long but the sock/Saran Wrap makes it appear bigger

  4. Im still stuck on his little brother Forrest, I really havent paid Trey none since discovering his lil bro, Trey is nice looking , but that little brother of his haunt my dreams, he is the bad one in the family to me, Trey just cant hold him IMO.#teamForrestallday!

  5. Hey Jamari, this is my first time posting but been following you for a couple years now. IMO camera angles are everything…lol!!

  6. trey songs does not have a big dick. puhleese. its a sock or some other kind of prosthesis.

    1. LOL. He still might be big, but that was not his pipe.

      If I knew what I said would caused a stir with the Foxes, I never would have said anything. I’ll remember this post for a future reference tho *wink*

  7. What little fox with the fat ass?? the light skinned one that always post pictures of his ass?

  8. I was more mesmerized by Trey’s body. If his dick is a prop then we’re all saved because if it was real, sex with him would be considered assault with a deadly weapon. Who wants to die trying to tame that beast… ?

    Me. 😉

  9. Well, it looks like Trey Songz is packin’. But he’s selling sex and the video show or implies his getting sucked off in the shower and having a 3some with two white women, at least one of which speaks a language that he doesn’t understand.

    Since he’s selling sex and since these videos are scrutinized before being releases, what are the odds that Trey Songz is using a “stunt dick” to make it appear that he’s packin’?

    1. Ugh why you and The Man making me use my brain and ruining my fantasy?! I hate y’all lol.

      1. ^righttttttt.
        so much disrespect right now lol
        i remember when man nearly turned over tables when someone said that little fox with the fat ass had implants.

      2. Fantasy? Y’all getting hyped over a prop tho. Its a bean bag. LMAO…

        That’s not the same situation Jamari, this is fiction. Y’all thought it was real, stop it. I know how Foxes get lol.

  10. He clearly has a bean bag or something in his draws. Y’all fall for anything lol. DAMN. I’m serious. That’s not real, and I’m not hating either. Shit, I’m packing some steel myself lol.

    I love the song and the video was good. I heard he is going back to his roots on this album and that he is going to give us every part of him. We’ll have to see. If it is anything like Ready and Passion, Pain and Pleasure, I’m going to love it. I miss the old Trey. He looks good in that gif at the top. Damn I love his body. I wanna hit it.

      1. The answer to that question is a no. I don’t know you guys from a can of paint. It took two and a half years to reveal the area I live in. I still technically haven’t since I didn’t tell what state lol. Lot of us on this blog have talked about out looks, but only a very few of us have posted pics.That is stupid to be honest, especially in a world where people steal pictures. I don’t even have a Facebook, Instgram, or a Twitter page, so why would I post pictures for millions of guys to see? Y’all not sleeping with me.

      2. I agree. There is something odd about that think flopping around. As many pics of Trey’s lower region (in pants/underwear) that have surfaced on the net, why have we not seen THAT bulge?

        S/N: Man, I thought you told us what state you were in for school a few years ago?

  11. I yelled “OMG”
    I’m speechless. I didn’t know Songz was smuggling illegal equipment like this.
    It’s like gets finer and finer each time you post about him.

      1. My thirst levels are high as fuck right now. I’ve been staring at those gifs for the past 5 minutes. I need a Xanax!

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