don’t get in her uber if you’re gay

uber drivers may have rules in their vehicles.
some may require you to not speak to them.
others may want you to not eat/drink while headed to your destinations.
this one tho:

 …will tell you get out if you’re gay.
this lesbian couple:

found that out on the way to a concert over the weekend in camden county, new jersey.
this is the video via “the daily mail“…

she’s black with the shenanigans.
she looks like she’s way outta touch with this century anyway.

you already know that didn’t end well for her.
uber fired her dumb ass with the quickness once this made traction.
( x read more here )
i always have one main question when i hear about these stories.
i think i always share it when i font about this nonsense:

Do these (she)jackals realize they are being legit recorded?

do they even care?
it takes a special kind of crazy to out here wyldin’ with all these recording devices.
fuckin’ up coins and lifestyles over being hateful.
can’t relate.
i’m glad she got fired and exposed for her hateful actions.

Whose next?

lowkey: i bet the driver is a trump supporter.
they the only ones who like to go to ruin because of no home training.

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “don’t get in her uber if you’re gay”

  1. I’m gonna be honest. I believe there are so many with so much hatred in their hearts for certain things that it blinds them of all rationality.

    I did a post on one my Facebooks about these types of people & I really got down to black people and their ways.

    If the two women were in the back seat tonguing each other down then they shouldn’t do that. Even though they are taking an Uber, that is still that woman’s vehicle & she doesn’t have allow it in her car. If they were just hugged up like a regular couple, I don’t see an issue.

    I’d also like to add something that I’ve always thought was important. If you’re not a people’s person or able to accept different types of people you don’t need to be doing customer service in any form because you have an attitude which makes the business looks bad.

    I’ve ridden a few times with Lyft and when I get in the car I get along with my driver because I’m just bubbly chill like that but I want to really stress that if you take an Uber or Lyft to make sure license plates match what’s on the app and you send a location check to your friend.

    I don’t really know how Lyft or Uber screens these people but you cannot have people like that “black demon seed” in the video working for with that kind of attitude.

    And as much as it sucks to say this. We are coming into 2020…& Still dealing with issues like this.

    She’s not embarrassing me as a Black person though because she’s not family, she just shares my skin tone. My allegiance is with Equality and LGBTQ rights and if anyone is against that, regardless or color, theyre my enemy.

    I also feel she should spend some time in jail. Since she wants to group folks in a box and throw them out, they should put her in concrete box with iron bars and throw away the key for a few weeks..Let her see what’s its like. Hard walls for a hard head.

    1. Here we go. When White people do foolishness, I don’t see a “All White people”, but let one Black fool do something and suddenly it’s “The Black community this..the Black community that”. It’s tired.

  2. If someone has asked me to leave their Uber/Lyft or regular vehicle because of their obvious distaste for my race, sexuality or simple being, then I’m chunking up the deuce and will call or send an email to the company. I’m not about to argue or waste my energy with pure ignorance.

    Those women paid for a service that was denied to them, so I understand their frustration. However, they kept their lives in harms way by not getting out as soon as they were asked. These days you never know what someone has in their vehicles or what people will do when their ignorance takes over their actions. Therefore, they should’ve exited the vehicle swiftly. Then one should’ve called customer service to complain, while the other books another ride to get them to their destination.

    Self preservation is key. Don’t get hurt over something you can easily walk away from. Remove yourself out of harms way ASAP. (Decisions-Actions-Consequences)

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