one thing i can’t do is stink.
smelling it and reading about it.
so i know you heard about the two hyenas disrespecting the “bed, bath, and beyond” display bed.
( x read that story here )
scabies and shit.
 you know i was sick reading that.
well you know they were so bad,
the station they were at had to fumigated?
well this is what happened via the daily mail

Two men arrested for performing a sex act in Bed Bath & Beyond during public opening hours were infected with scabies

The men, who cannot be named for legal reasons, used a bed display in store in Clifton, New Jersey on January 30 at 5pm. 

Staff reported the men to police who arrested the pair and took them to the station where it emerged they were infected with the highly contagious skin condition. 

The arresting officers were sent to St Joseph’s Medical Center for decontamination treatment, while the police station had to be fumigated by exterminators to prevent an outbreak.

Bed Bath & Beyond was also forced to dispose of the bed used by the men because of the threat posed by the microscopic parasites

Both of the 28-year-old men were charged with lewdness, criminal mischief and possession of marijuana. 

One of the men was charged with having an outstanding arrest warrant. 

A police report into the incident said a store employee reported the incident.

The men cannot be named because their medical condition under the terms of the Health Insurance  Portability and Accountability Act.

i will never lay on a display bed again.

article taken: the daily mail

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  1. Are we surprised? Some men have no limits. These be the types that go to the park to have sex at midnight and get/give head in public toilets. Some people are just nasty.

    I was going to say gay men but straight men are just as nasty, so I just say “men” LOL.

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