bed, bath, and not beyond doin it for “onlyfans”

*the following is rated xxx.
viewer discretion is strongly advised

we already know folks do too much for social media.
i often wonder if they were doing too much when social media was non-existent?
we heard the stories,
but couldn’t believe it was true.
well add this one to latest batch of “in need of attention” files.
from what a foxholer sent me,
it involved bed bath and beyond and a dildo

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one thing i can’t do is stink.
smelling it and reading about it.
so i know you heard about the two hyenas disrespecting the “bed, bath, and beyond” display bed.
( x read that story here )
scabies and shit.
 you know i was sick reading that.
well you know they were so bad,
the station they were at had to fumigated?
well this is what happened via the daily mail
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