bed, bath, and not beyond doin it for “onlyfans”

*the following is rated xxx.
viewer discretion is strongly advised

we already know folks do too much for social media.
i often wonder if they were doing too much when social media was non-existent?
we heard the stories,
but couldn’t believe it was true.
well add this one to latest batch of “in need of attention” files.
from what a foxholer sent me,
it involved bed bath and beyond and a dildo

i’ll never look at a display bed the same again.

i’m so use to see males doing wild shit that i was caught off guard.
i didn’t think the vixens get wild like this,
but i’m being naive.
so her name is “stacy the soul snatcher” and you might have guessed it:

She has an “Onlyfans”page

we always font that folks need to keep their “onlyfans” content interesting.
good for her for thinking “outside the box“.

lowkey: the day they end “onlyfans”,
i’m waiting for the next hustle.

see her “onlyfans”: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “bed, bath, and not beyond doin it for “onlyfans””

  1. NASTY ASS, TRIFFLIN, DEGRADING AND DISTURBING.. She needs to be jailed.. This type of whore you cannot trust ..She would rape a child !!! People must stay within social norms..

  2. LMAO 🤣

    Welp, at least she’s being creative with her content. I hope she has enough paying fans to afford the bail for when she’s eventually caught and arrested.

  3. I’m sorry but… LMAO! Like really bish? I bet you this was a video request. “Fuck yourself next to the apple cinnamon candles” 😂😂


  4. Nasty woman! This has got to stop in 2020. I mean how rude. Men and women..They was ready to cap on Lizzo for a panty shot now these folks are literally out here doing this.

    I can’t keep using the excuse what if a child sees this…but it’s just not right. Can we really call this real hustling anymore? I “hustle” and have my own business where I generate income using my true creative skills. While I don’t knock them for being sexual in their elements and making money off of it, what sense does it make if your hustling gonna land you jail, with a fine or a sex offender tag on your forehead?

    I’m just ordering all my stuff from Amazon or a furniture outlet store online and have it shipped.

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