gotta poop? gabrielle union has a toilet for ya!

i couldn’t do a #2 anywhere but my own crib.
i like being comfortable when i have to blow up the joint.
nothing better than taking a shit naked.
makes you feel back to nature and shit.
it wasn’t until i had an emergency and had to use a foreign toilet than my own.
ever since then,
i’ve moved outta my comfort zone.
if you had to take a serious shit and had the opportunity to take it at a celeb’s crib

Would you?

well this is what gabrielle union had to tweet…

x see tweet here

i mean when you gotta go…
i will font that it was real nice of gabby to let him use their toilet tho.
some folks,
including myself,

speaking of pooping,
i have a question for the foxhole:

Would you feel comfortable taking a dump at your man’s spot?

i’ve known vixens to go to the gas station before they do it at their wolf’s crib.
even if they’ve been dating for months,
they just won’t.
i’m UN-decided with my answer.
that question reminds me of the following tweet.
this shit (no pun intended) always takes me out:

low-key: i had to use the bathroom recently,
but i was at the laundromat.
it was 2 blocks from my spot.
i asked to use their bathroom and as soon as i turned on the light,
it was roaches everywhere.
i left all my things at the laundromat and power walked those 2 blocks.
couldn’t do it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “gotta poop? gabrielle union has a toilet for ya!”

  1. Everybody has to go and people need to be easy on letting the poo come out calmly without forcible stress to avoid haemorrhoids.

  2. I found it kinda nasty what she did and how she worded it. Imagine me getting embarrassed for a normal human function everyone does. Why do something for someone and talk complain about it? If he had to ask, it’s because he really had to use it. If someone ask to use their bathroom and you want them to use it a certain way, don’t even let them use it. I found this completely tasteless.

    1. Clearly it was very smelling and likely A MESS! I am sure she did not tell all of the details. It’s not like she put his name out there. And she could have denied him, being a celebrity thinking he wanted to steal. (I’m surprised she let him in for security’s sake)

      As embarrassing as it is, people do say, “DAMN WHAT DID YOU EAT?! WHAT DIED INSIDE YOU?” to tease people due to the smell.

  3. Not in public places. Unless, it’s like really bad but that’s rare. I prefer being at home since I don’t sit on the seat, but do it the proper way by toe squatting over the seat. I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that in a public place at all.

  4. Nope, I could never bring myself to do that in a public nor private bathroom (that wasn’t my own).
    If you don’t want these things to happen, keep your bowel movements on a schedule. Evacuate your lower rectum before showering in the morning and before bed in the evening. But if you must be a nasty muthafukah please carry a small bottle of poo-pourri like the women often do. That stuff will hide the odor.

  5. I’m not surprised Mrs. Union put him on blast like that…’cause if I recall correctly, she stated in an interview that she’s never farted/pooped in front of her husband. LMFAO

  6. This happen to me during the summer. My cousin came to visit and not even here for a day and clogged my brand new toliet.
    I was like wtf is in your ass cement.
    It was disgusting to see. The bathroom was stink like week old garbage.
    He had to go and buy a plunger to fix it.
    I believe your toliet is a throne and is just for you, the king of your castle lol

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