When The Crazy Jackals Strike Without Warning

you know don’t know who is crazy af out here.
crazy doesn’t have a “look”.
it can look like a regula degula shemegula in your neighborhood or block.
you wouldn’t think ^that jackal would commit the following crime.
you wouldn’t assume he was a jailbird either.
his name is junal jordan and this is what he did via the new york daily news

An NYU lab technician forgot his wallet in his apartment — and paid for it with his life when an ex-con neighbor yanked him from an elevator and beat him to death with a cell phone, cops said.

Bakary Darboe, 46, was riding the lift in his Bronx building — after returning home to grab his billfold — when he fell victim to the “completely unprovoked” attack, police said.

“To do this to Bakary, to just kill him like that, we cannot forget,” said the victim’s brother Mbemba Darboe, 61. “We can forgive, but we cannot forget.”

Relatives said the father of six was on his way to Mercy College, where he was taking classes, when he realized he forgot his wallet and returned home to grab it just before 5 p.m. Thursday.

Darboe jumped back into the elevator after leaving his ninth-floor apartment. Now carrying his wallet, Darboe made it to the seventh floor of the building on E. 156th St. in Melrose when the elevator doors opened.

A deranged 40-year-old parolee — identified as Junal Jordan — had been shadowboxing in the hallway, sources said. As soon as the elevator doors opened, Jordan launched into a ferocious attack, sources said.

“The guy is shadowboxing in the hallway,” a police source said. “The elevators open up and he pulls the guy out of the elevator and beats him.”

A security camera captured Jordan dragging Darboe out into the hallway and then pummeling the older man, sources said.

“Please get off me … I can’t breathe!” Darboe screamed at one point, sources said.

The video shows Darboe managing to get back to his feet. He started to stagger away — but the suspect then delivered several blows with a cell phone to the bloodied victim’s head until he collapsed.

Darboe was found dead at the scene in a pool of blood, sources said.

One of his knocked-out teeth was found nearby, along with a bloody backpack, two cell phones and a set of keys. Spots of blood stained the hallway walls.

Cops found Jordan a few blocks away and took him into custody.

The suspect, who had blood on his hands and clothing, admitted to getting into a fight “in his girlfriend’s building.” But he wouldn’t say anything else, police sources said.

Jordan, a career criminal with a long rap sheet, was later charged with murder and manslaughter, police said.

The accused killer has been arrested 20 times since 1993 for many crimes including assault, robbery, reckless endangerment and drug possession, cops said.

i feel so sorry for the victim.
with rap sheets like junals,
need to be out the damn forests.
they be some tickin’ time bombs.
how do we know he didn’t kill that innocent older wolf just to go back to jail?
when jackals can’t catch a break,
they do crazy shit just to be taken care back in the system.
i keep saying i want to be registered for a gun.
although in that situation,
the victim didn’t even see his fate coming.
may bakary rip and the jackal be thrown under the jail.

lowkey: thanks to the f-bi who sent in the story.

article taken: the ny daily news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “When The Crazy Jackals Strike Without Warning

  1. Honestly probation and parole is a joke in this country. They assign these very dangerous and very likely to reoffend criminals to probation and parole officers that often have a caseload of 60-100+ clients. Then most of the time they’re not doing anything but giving them piss tests that they use someone else’s piss for and charging them fees that these can’t pay unless they’re selling dope.

    The Criminal Justice System really needs an overhaul. This should’ve never happened.

      1. Trump shouldn’t be focused on crime. If he had his way all minorities would be locked up and thrown UNDER the jail WITHOUT due process.

        Our criminal justice system DEFINITELY needs an overhaul. The Probation department needs to hire more people to deal with the number of cases that they have to deal with. One person handling so many former inmates is insane, They can’t pay proper attention and someone is going to slip through the cracks…as evidenced by this man’s attack.

        I wonder if the guy Jordan had mental issues.

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