Where There Is Smoke, There is Marvin Bienaime vs Donny Savage?

so there is smoke happening over at the bienaime agency’s forest.
according to a vix-bi,
something happened between donny savage and marvin bienaime.
as you know,
marvin put donny on and he blew the fuck up.
donny has been on damn near everything,
from essence.com to “the wendy williams show”.
he is a chocolate wolf who everyone wants to taste.
well allegedly,
donny has parted ways with marvin.
this is what marvin put up on his ig that started the talk…

…and these were the incriminating comments that created the smoke:

i never really cared for donny savage,
but there are two sides to every story.

did they have official contracts signed?
was marvin helping him out of the kindness of his heart?
was he donny’s manager?

i have a ton of questions.
donny could have felt like he wanted to spread his wings.
there is a right and wrong way to leave someone you started with tho.
royal g was also under marvin and look how that ended.
i’d like to keep my nose within the story.
i know someone in the foxhole has the scoop.
the comment section is yours.

lowkey: marvin probably knows all of donny’s secrets,
as does donny knows his.

12 thoughts on “Where There Is Smoke, There is Marvin Bienaime vs Donny Savage?

  1. After view the subliminal posts on both account, I believe the feud is coming from jealousy on both Donny and Marvin. Donny feel betrayed because he thinks marvin, his manager, spending too much time building other black male models rather than focusing on his. Marvin thinks Donny used him as a stepping stone to build his fan base.

  2. *sighs* *raises hand* Question, why is it that every time an instamodel wolf gets a few followers they think they’re famous? I mean they aren’t talented and I don’t know if they’re book smart or street smart or a little bit of both. Plus, the only thing that they got going for them are their looks which is great, but not “wet panties” sexy. I’ve seen better looking guys just walking down the damn street or even gentlemen like rapper YG (which is collabo with Mariah Carey is hot and did he just get hot all of the sudden to me rapping like he wants my goodies?) or even bae material Jussie Smollet (he’s vers, I can tell).

    Now I’m going to clock some instamodel wolves in 3….2….1 let’s start with this Steven “Charm” Beck fellow. His gag is he’s out of money and options to make himself better. He admitted and spoke facts that he has more followers than his contemporaries on “Black Magic” which means the only thing “Charm” has is that, but his bankroll is not fat. What I don’t understand is that he turned to stripping instead of auditioning for movies and tv shows if he wants to be famous. Also, George Hill. He is not a gr8 musician which says alot about him. He’s using his sex appeal to get studio time. So he’s smashing a producer for that. Now Dallas “Flashman” Wade should reconsider his options because he’s about to be washed up too. I mean there is porn and he is great at that hence his name, “Flashman.”

    In the end, these dudes are not relationship material nor even in it for the long haul. I would love to see them work regular jobs (if they have or not already). I mean UPS is always hiring. *sips coffee*

  3. So I went on Donnysavage page and it looks as if he ventured off into credit building. The fuq? So u get famous, meet ppl, and use your fame to build fucken credit? Man I swear these young cats are lost. Marvin has every right to be pissed if he is even pissed. I’m sure this has now turn into a legal issue, especially with all the work his manager put in. His manager practically birthed his success. Sucks. Wish them both the best!

      1. Neither. It’s age old wisdom that I have found to be true. There are multiple forms of intimacy, grasshopper. 😉

    1. ahaaaaa r u saying Marvin bienaime could have tried it on with Donny savage ahaaaa.. i wouldnt be surprised if marvin is secretly gay. coz Donny always posted there was no lane changing but Marvin must have done something to make Donny savage change his mind..

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