Orlando Brown Helps To Allegedly Out Tremaine Neverson?

orlando brown,
who use to star on “that’s so raven” and is the resident alleged crackhead,
has a message for keke palmer.
he has some words of advice for her in regards to tremaine neverson.
“trey songz”,
for those who haven’t been in the foxhole long.
keke and tremaine had some confusion a couple weeks ago.
( x read bout it here )

this is what orlando had to say to her via ig

…”that broken wrist shit”?
“i don’t care what you do just keep that away from me”
why is it the ugly bum pineapple think “we” want him?
and was that his idea of “giving advice”?

he was allegedly outing someone and being homophobic.
how he tell keke to stop snitching,
but he snitched on tremaine???

he can still get further banished than he is now.
i still don’t know what to think about that “keke vs tremaine” drama.
it didn’t make any sense to me so i left it on the foxhole floor.
as far as tremaine,
i doubt anyone will take what he orlando said seriously.

“oh he a crackhead!”

they haven’t with the past rumors and i doubt they will now.

lowkey: the contacts in his eyes ain’t helping.
well at least he is getting publicity now.
ya’ll wasn’t try to support him when he was normal:

18 thoughts on “Orlando Brown Helps To Allegedly Out Tremaine Neverson?

  1. You can’t take a druggie seriously. Orlando you couldn’t PAY me enough to stand 10 meters from you let alone touch you. Dusty isn’t even the word to describe this clown. If this fool don’t go somewhere & get in a damn straight jacket.

    1. He is miserable because he singlehandedly screwed up his life and his promising career, so he is being an internet troll. #miserylovescompanysoverytrue

    2. Right! And I’m also sick of people entertaining him as well. I never understood the humor when it comes to keekee-ing & laughing at a clearly mental person having an episode. The same can be said for that delivert guy, these people should not be entertained. They need HELP. Orlando needs to be sectioned. Evidently. He is like the male Amanda Bynes, wasn’t he blasted for taking meth? He is NOT WELL!

  2. This man is clearly on drugs and is also suffering for a mental illness, probably borderline as I have said before. It is sad because this surfaced from nowhere….well to the public anyway. He is almost 30 and mental illness usually presents itself no later than early twenties I believe. Where is his family? I have questions. There is no way this behavior began over the last few years.

  3. First of all, there is no proof anywhere of Trey ever sucking dick. Second, I know from people who have been on drugs or sold drugs that people on drugs will do anything to get them. Third, Keke needs to stop changing key parts of her story, stick to one lie and let the court decide that’s if she has ever involved the court. Lastly, about Orlando and the whole ‘broken wrist shit’, that is an archaic stereotype that was long ago put to rest. In today’s society, unless the individual flaunts it no one really knows that they are gay until they tell it.

  4. Ever notice that most of the entertainers/stars who start out really young (and Orlando has been on MANY shows from an early age) are fucked up individuals as adults?! That’s scary.

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