It’s Oprah’s Fault That Trump Is In Office

so now it’s “our” fault trump is in office?
a major black legend of a vixen.
according to comedian,
nikki glaser,
oprah could have done “more” in regards to trump.
this is what she said in her tweet before she deleted it

so oprah needed to speak out so the snow bunnies wouldn’t vote for him?
i didn’t know oprah was the voice of reason for snow bunnies.
the snow bunnies bashed trump and secretly voted for him.
no amount of “speaking out” would have done anything.
these are some other tweets from her rant:

ones she deleted sent in by a vix-bi:

why didn’t nikki address ellen?
she has a major platform right now.
or britney spears with her vegas show?
well she saw the error in her ways shortly after:

i love all these hurt feelings now.
we don’t need to shit.
this is why i say let “them” realize their stupidity.
she needs to direct her tears to the voters in the red states.
celebs can only do so much with their platforms.

…Did Nikki?

lowkey: everyone looking for someone to blame now.
oprah couldn’t even save lindsay lohan ass.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “It’s Oprah’s Fault That Trump Is In Office”

  1. I’m so glad you posted this. This is why I say you can’t trust white people. They say shit and don’t stand behind it, trying to shift the blame and influence public opinion. Instead of going after the women that put him in office, we blame Oprah because she is our consience. SMH.

  2. Even though this is stupid there is a hint of truth to this. Hillary never reached out to Oprah so Oprah didn’t do shit for Hillary. Michelle reached out to Oprah and she used her power to help put Barack in office

    1. @flyfoxx…and therin lies the problem. Instead of allowing someone to influence your vote because of their celebrity status, people need to learn to pick up a book, go onto a computer, or whatever method necessary to research the person running for office. Check what they stand for, look at their record inoffice (if they’ve been in politics), etc. Just because someone famous says to vote for someone should not make you vote for them. THIS is why we’re in the shit-storm that we’re in now.

      Republicans congressmen/women and Senators were able to gloss over the fact that they haven’t done shit (some Democrats as well) for years and managed to get re-elected. As I’ve said before to man people, it’s not the President we need to be concerned about (although THIS President we need to worry about), it’s Congress where the issues start. Hold your Senator and Congressmen/women accountable for their action/inaction. It starts there. THEN we go after the President.

      But this election has turned all of that into chaos! We need to be concerned about BOTH!!

  3. So a white woman wants to blame a black woman for white women not deciding vote for Trump?

    I’m convinced white people have to be the dumbest race. They wanted a white man, any white man, back in office and that’s exactly what they got.

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