WOLF MEAT: (419)

tumblr_m06afygDeO1qe0nlvo1_1280wolves and hybrids…
sometimes us foxes do things that should give you hints and clues.
do you think this is a hint or a clue?
and “not for straight eyes”)…

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I’ll Have My Dog Bite You On The Balls For Cheating On Me

english-bulldog-puppy-for-salei just had a dream just now that i owned a bulldog.
in my dream all i was doing was giving him a bath.
i could tell from the feelings i was having i loved him tho.
realistically i want pets but i can’t have any in my crib.
i use to be a major cat person,
but lately i’m falling in love with dogs.
when god blesses me with the crib of my dreams,
i want one kind of dog first…

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Poor A Little Likka Out For My Dawg.

tumblr_lquyieldnS1qklouli love animals.
they love me.
anytime people say their animal isn’t “friendly”,
they get friendly when i’m around.
a little too friendly sometimes.
when my life reigns with blessings,
i want to get a dog.
not some girl dog either.
i want a boxer,
or a siberian husky.

i want something i can walk around the block.
take to the park and play,
i also want a cat.
when i saw this video,
it made me realize how much animals have feelings.
it shows a dog burying a dead puppy.
it’s a sad one so you have been warned…

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Brian Stinger Has Deadly Jesus Assassins Plotting Drive Bys

Everyone meet Oscar.

Isn’t he cute?
Oscar is my new puppy and the guard dog for IJF.
I may be asking some of you Wolves to take him for walks on occasion.
With that being said, I got an intersting comment in #cuminsidejamari in regards to Brian Stinger aka Scorpion.
Apparently, one of the Brain Stinger’s current lovers decided to pay me a visit.

Peep under the flap..

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