tyga is trying to get in the box of another trans-vixen?

from the countless discussions that the foxhole has had,
we have come to the conclusion:

A male can still be straight even if he messes with a trans-vixen

 regardless if she is pre or post-op.
these males do not want another male.

so when i was young af,
i was ODEE hot in the pants as well.
i think we all were when we started discovering our sexuality.
ts jensy posted something i’m sure i posted when i was hot ‘n’ horny:

i was such a cock tease.
i miss turnin’ wolves on.
allegedly and according to “tdronlyfans“,
she got the attention of

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Draya Be On That Creep-agram Heavy

creepdrayaso draya is back at it again.
in the saga of her and baller wolf orlando “sandwich”,
adeptly titled “omg orlando!”,
draya was doing some insta-creeping and caught him allegedly cheating.
so this is how it went down…
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Lets Do The Jackal Creep! (Ready, Set, Hide!)

Dexter_The_Creep1so earlier today,
i decided to go and get some gnc multivitamins.
it makes no sense that when i wake up,
i’m ready to take my ass right back to sleep.
i havent taken multivitamins in a while,
but when i did,
i usually had a ton of energy.
since i start this job tomorrow,
i can’t be feeling like death especially on my first day.
so when i got to gnc and i saw this person at the corner…
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jeffrey_havesJEFFERY IS SUCH A CREEP!!!!!!
did ya’ll see that sly hug on the couch????
then he gonna slip up and confessed wanting to sleep with wyatt.
wyatt nearly went to raggin n taggin that ass.
jeffery is officially now “single black queen”.
he better go get that chick’s phone and throw it in a lake.
veronica was the real beast.
that speech she gave david tho…
she nearly ripped david’s head off and rode through the town with it on a spike.
next week looks like it’s going to get it poppington.
please tell me someone watched it last night?
if not:

x watch it here now now now

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lowkey: benny.
tyler lepley makes my foxi senses buzz a little.
i could be wrong tho.