Draya Be On That Creep-agram Heavy

creepdrayaso draya is back at it again.
in the saga of her and baller wolf orlando “sandwich”,
adeptly titled “omg orlando!”,
draya was doing some insta-creeping and caught him allegedly cheating.
so this is how it went down…

so “omg orlando!” put up a picture of his beautiful twin cubs like so:

qqzetGYnothing gets a vixen’s panties wet than seeing a wolf acknowledge his cubs.
so after the intial “ooh” and “aww”,
some a random left a comment like so:
NvaDEOHin which he replied along with draya:

u3noGxhtumblr_inline_mr1p997DXh1qz4rgpdraya is about that creep life.
like was she campin’ out in his mentions?
anyway draya decides to go in with a few cosigners:

which made “omg orlando!” have to explain himself:
all the while i’m doing this:

this is the part of the show where draya looks like a dumb ass.
ya know its funny.
stunts like this make draya look very insecure.
when she acts like she is better than everyone else,
please refer back to these antics.
yeah she has her own little business,
but these shenanigans isn’t what a “boss ass bitch” makes.

rule number 1 to be a boss ass bitch,
never let a clown nigga try to play you,
if he play you then rule number 2,
seduce his best friend and make him a “yes” men,
and get a dick pic and then you press “send”,
and send a red heart and send a kissy face,
and tell him how ya friend love how ya pussy taste…

sadly she has to obey since she lives up in his house.
i doubt her name is even on that lease.
oh welllllllll…
i’m sure she went off,
he then fucked the dog shit out her,
asked her every couple strokes if this pussy was his,
slapped her on the ass after he made her cum bout 20 times,
and then she merrily went and made him a sandwich to post on instagram.
i hear wolves call that method “the ack’ right”:

┬áits been solvin’ alleged cheater’s problems since the beginning of time.
usually all is right with the world after.

i wish i was cool with her.
i would have told her to put her phone down and go to sleep!

Screen Shot 2014-07-12 at 1.25.43 PMlol.
go think about a new swimsuit design or some shit.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Draya Be On That Creep-agram Heavy”

  1. If EVERYBODY is telling you that your significant other is cheating on you there may very well be something to it.

    I’m sure she’s seen the signs otherwise she wouldn’t be creeping on his page.

    Everyone can’t be lying or jealous.

    Draya used to do that hoe shit and now it’s coming back on her. A whole new crop of young hoes that give no fucks. Draya is old booty now.

    1. ^yeah game def recognizes game.
      she knows whats up.
      she knows that she has to depend on him for this image.
      she can only do about so much.

      i also think deep down he likes it as well.
      he wants to know he can press her button and she reacts.
      i think this is the dynamic of their relationship.
      it wont work tho.
      he doesn’t need to comment to a random for his dick to find its way in some willing hole.

      1. I liked hoe Draya better. Lol

        She looks pathetic to me now.

        Any relationship where the man isn’t clearly wrapped around the woman’s finger is pointless on the woman’s part to me.

        He should thirsting over his girl’s pictures on instagram like the rest of these dudes or posting half naked pic of his girl on WCW.

        If he’s not treating you like a prize you’re probably expendable.

        I mean she’s a business woman now. Her swimsuit line is popping. All she has to do is get her own VH1 show.

        1. ^he treats her like shit.
          that reality show on youtube with her delusions told me everything I needed to know.
          she needs him.
          he doesn’t need her.
          he likes fuckin “draya”,
          but you can tell he is annoyed with her now.

  2. Damn, he got caught lol. Ladies love them some Orlando huh? He has a free spirited energy about him, which leaves him vulnerable. He is weak tho, and he is not a challenge for women……or men either. On a post a while back, I said Orlando was easy. I’d like to go further on that. He is easier then a one piece puzzle. He vibes, a lot. That shit is heavy. I’ve known who he was before Draya, and I always thought something was off. His energy screams bisexual.

    Any bad ass Fox could get that pipe, I can assure you that. It is not even a question. Us Wolves could as well, but the game has to be tight. If you are fine you can get it. I’d make the back of his knees wet, and I’d make his toes curl so hard that they will break. Come see me Orlando, I could keep you in better hands than Allstate.

    1. ^yeah i’m willing to test of that theory.
      he does seem like easy fun pipe.
      nothing about him screams challenge to get his drawz around his ankles.

      i’m willing to bet thats how they met.
      he doesn’t seem to care about her past.
      she is in house pussy for him.
      once she goes on these little traveling trips,
      i’m sure he is hauling his pipe off in some new hole.

      1. Yea, he’s a fun and cool guy, and has a good personality. You can’t cuff him tho, just sex. He has to mature and learn some life lessons and has to have bad dating experiences before he’s able to be in a relationship. Draya can try, but he’s not ready yet. Give him 5 years.

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