tyga is trying to get in the box of another trans-vixen?

from the countless discussions that the foxhole has had,
we have come to the conclusion:

A male can still be straight even if he messes with a trans-vixen

 regardless if she is pre or post-op.
these males do not want another male.

so when i was young af,
i was ODEE hot in the pants as well.
i think we all were when we started discovering our sexuality.
ts jensy posted something i’m sure i posted when i was hot ‘n’ horny:

i was such a cock tease.
i miss turnin’ wolves on.
allegedly and according to “tdronlyfans“,
she got the attention of


i know she is young and inexperienced.

Why would she even post that?

she’s already starting out as a big mouth.
like most males tho,
i’m sure he was thinking with his little head and don’t care.

 she looks very young outside of this.

she kinda looks like:

i have a lot of questions about the psychology of all this,
but this isn’t really new with tyga.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “tyga is trying to get in the box of another trans-vixen?”

  1. Listen…if you didn’t say that this person was trans I would have never knew…Tyga probably didn’t as well.

    Loose lips sink ships, if you’re in the business of selling sex it’s counterproductive to put someone’s business out there like this. I swear with these clout chasers, it’s like amateur hour.

  2. Why would you mess with your come up? Tyga could have introduced you to other ballers… She is young but she is going to have to learn quick because the business she is in, is not for the stupid. That being said, I would have thought Tyga would use an anonymous account… Mmmh.

  3. Jamari I love you but you’re wrong ASF!!! If you have sex with a man with a DICK there’s no way you’re 100% straight! LETS CALL A THING A THING!!! We can be
    pro-LGBTQ but rational at the same time!

    1. ^but trans don’t consider themselves to be men tho.
      they are vixens to the eye.
      we wouldn’t know she was trans on first glance and labeled her some IG vixen.
      i’m sure many males feel the same as well.

      1. But when the trans pulls their pants down and show that dick, & he chooses to have sex with him…… he’s not straight SAWETTIE!!

        1. The level of ignorance and transphobia among gay black men who want to be accepted for who they are but refuse to accept trans woman is so sad. Sis at the end of the day they still won’t like you.

  4. As gay man you will think we will understand what it means to be trans but no some of us are just as ignorant as the straight folks are about homosexuality. Being trans has nothing to do with your sexual organs ( penis or vagina) it has do with gender trans man or women do not identify with the bodies their were born with that why their have to transition to the bodies their identify with. On the other had with us gay man gender is not the issue we identify with the gender we are born in which is male and we are comfortable with our male bodies our issue is the sexuality we are sexually attracted to other man

  5. Somebody need to call Chingy and tell him to give Tyga some advice, “allegedly” he slept with Sydney Starr.

    If she has the whole surgery and has a complete vagina, then she is now a woman; period. No matter how we look at her. Tyga fucking her would be no different than him fucking his other thots on Onlyfans. Now if she has a dick then yes that would make Tyga non-heterosexual because he clearly see the dick and fucking her anyway.

      1. I don’t know how you get completely naked and hit somebody from the back without a man seeing a whole dick and balls in the way. In the dark yes. I saw a video on myVidster where these dudes was fucking this woman and she kept trying to hide her dick and dude saw it and the other guy was like naw, she not no tranny them titties real. Dude had to force her legs open to show him he had a dick. Why would somebody go throw the trouble of risking your life lying like that. I applaud the ones who tell you up front. The ones who lie about it, that’s not cool. Not every trans person is like that tho. Amiyah Scott and Laverne Cox, I would so smash both of them. To out a celebrity for coming thru the dms, you just canceled yourself. Tyga onlyfans and his baby mama and high profile relationship with Kylie is not enough to ruin him for sliding thru her dms. It just makes her look desperate and now everybody who decides to mess with her will throw a NDA at her. NDA’s is about to become the new thing watch.

  6. Well its not only TYGA that hit that bussy up. Trust me MANY more who you know as well DM that little girl to smash her. TYGA is just the only one brave enough or man enough to say Hey I’m man enough to want to fuck a Tranny!!

  7. I don’t get why some gays/trans do this. You get a chance to really get put on but blow it cus you can’t keep your mouth shut.

    1. It’s like new money. They come into a little and go broke spending because they never had any. You need to relax, slow it tf down and think. Is this worth blasting for 5 minute clout or should I play the long game and invest? Smh!

  8. There is nothing wrong with being sexually liberated and I won’t slutshame, but if everybody is giving it away for free and being thirsty, how is it special? When you get in a relationship you’ll get bored and cheat.
    I also don’t understand putting your business out there. She fumbled the potential bag. How do you get hyped over a DM????? You haven’t even MET him yet!

  9. The main thing when an individual approach you and you should have thr common knowledge to deal with that person without speaking out.

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