jeremy meeks wasn’t meek about debuting his meat in this hood flick

it’s not hard to understand why some folks put up with certain wolves.
they are usually everything wrong with a human.
it isn’t their booming and intriguing personalities that keep most around.
it has to do with:

…and how it takes you to another dimension each and every time.
the “hot felon” jackal,
jeremy meeks,
is the perfect example.
he’s in a new hood movie called “true to the game 2: gena’s story“:

which i’m confused why they didn’t release it on “netflix” or “amazon prime“,
but whatevz.
 jeremy made his acting and pipe leakage debut and…

he was hard AF.
he couldn’t even contain that hard on.
i can fully understand WHY his baby mama wasn’t trying to let go,
the rich white vixen was out here sprung,
and the fashion designers were probably in awe.
 light eyes carrying big pipes will do you in every time.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

28 thoughts on “jeremy meeks wasn’t meek about debuting his meat in this hood flick”

  1. I still don’t find him cute lol.. just a skinny nigga with a big dick and bright eyes. I always thought he was funny looking ctfu

  2. DAMN! I was expecting the pipe to be that… in your face! Wow… I always found him super sexy but this is now getting irritating, IT ALWAYS BE THE STRAIGHT ONES THAT I LIKE! Maybe I just need to go to the US, everyone around me is white, I need variation. That all being said Mr. Meeks, if you ever get tired of the cat, I got some clean fat bat with a itty bitty waist!

  3. The “he looks basic” is played out. Just because you don’t like “pretty boys” doesn’t mean he’s unattractive. People be so ready to call someone “not that cute”, but let’s look at your rolodex of guys….okay then.

    He looks better than every white guy that Black gays go crazy for. PERIOD.
    Chris Pratt? Really?
    Chris Evans? REALLY?
    Chris Hemsworth? REALLY???

    All it takes it messy hair and some abs on a white guy and y’all drool. He has bone structure, the small nose you all like and a lean face. Miss me with the knocking him down a peg.

      1. Did you not watch Endgame? You’d let old Capt America pipe you??? Clint Eastwood faced Capt America???
        Hemsworth is abs and you would not look twice at fat Thor.

    1. Lite skin and light eyes means they’re pretty boys now?!? Just means they’re liteskin with light eyes and no one is knocking him down a peg. I live in a big city Men like him are common, especially the trade. In the LGBT community and straight community folks treat Men like Him as a God. The moment one says that they don’t find people like Him attractive yall go on rants lol. It’s called a preference. And I can’t speak for everyone else but I don’t go crazy for White Men neither. Different preferences for different people but in all honesty if he was dark skin his prison photo wouldn’t have gone viral and model companies wouldn’t have sent job offers. Those USA/Eurocentric colorist beauty standards will never die 🤣🤣

      1. Jeremy Meeks > Any White man you can mention. I am not saying he is the most gorgeous man, but the Black community has this fake Pro-Blackness going on.
        When a dark-skinned man is not attractive, but has body people say he’s gorgeous because if they don’t say so, they’ll be called colorist.
        If a lighter-skinned or biracial man has light eyes, people automatically say he is cute, no matter how unattractive he is. Other light-skinned men will say “I’m light skinned so I can say it, he’s basic”.
        Jeremy Meek’s nose is bigger than the average nose as well as his lips. The only thing Eurocentric about his phenotype are his eyes, which are a recessive trait and extremely sensitive to light and the sun. Fully Black men have his skintone.
        It’s not colorist to say a man with lighter skin is unattractive.
        Just from that poster, you can see Jeremy doesn’t have the Hollywood plastic surgery nose. I have seen butterfaces on this website get called gorgeous.
        The “he only looked good in that one shot” is false. His face looks the same in interviews. (just saw him on Wendy)
        Next y’all will say Rihanna and Tyra Banks are basic and Halsey and Taylor Swift serve face. BYE

        1. He’s not my type but he is still phyne. I can say that without blinking an eye and if he was next to me in bed he could get it. Just like that.

  4. Well sweet boy’s DICK did most of the talking than he did.
    Yup his DICK was certainly a scene stealer. Hmmm I wish I could be his personal valet.


  5. In the interviews, seems like average black guy from California who had a fortunate picture. Just let the man do his thing.

  6. Jamari, Imma spank you for using that photoshopped pic of him for the headline. LMAO!

    But I’m still not buying his hype, and he pings my gaydar, so yall just might have a chance gobbling that red dick with ya leftovers this Black Friday.

  7. Eh, dude is a color struck biracial hood booger that looks like he never made it past the 9th grade. He only into white girls and said some disparaging things about dark skinned women. He look like he took the short bus to school every day. I bet if he was dark skinned with more African features, nobody would be checking for him. This dude seems to have nothing going on upstairs and only one thing going on downstairs, and he better count his lucky stars every day for that cuz that’s the only thing saving him from the seventh ring of irrelevance and no I’m not talking about that flapjack, IHOP “booty” either. Ol’ boy built like Hank Hill. The penis only look “big” cuz dude is shaped like a stretched out string bean. Ol’ color struck boy here better hope his black genes kick in cuz we all know how them white boys age like sour milk! I mean, I just dont see it. Yall can oogle, gasp and swoon over this dime a dozen color struck boy that can be found at your local housing project or trailer park. I dont see what all the hype is about. Just my two cents.

    1. No lies detected. I don’t think he’s dumb though. I think it’s an act. He went after THE BAG with that heiress.

      1. Right! He straight up said “Use what you’ve got while you’ve got it and while it’s hot!”. Gotta make the most of that 15 minutes of fame before everybody moves on to the next thirst trap. LOL

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