how to bag all the bad wolves for onlyfans collabs (lucky rashad, you’re up)

thank you to whoever spoke to lucky rashad.
he stopped his “let me look in the camera while i’m penetrating‘”.
if you’re gonna have sex on camera,
make it look as natural as possible.
vanity has nowhere in the bedroom.
it seems like lucky rashad is about to have a brand new scene partner.
he is calling this scene:


and guess who is the starrah…


we gon’ have to wait until andre marhold collab,
bobby always gets the fine wolves to feature in his onlyfans career tho.
ty rolland from exotic paintings,
is one of many:

i’m not mad.
bobby got bills to pay and clout to be had.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

28 thoughts on “how to bag all the bad wolves for onlyfans collabs (lucky rashad, you’re up)

  1. For somebody who, you know what, never mind. Just another Zell Swag. You can forget your career. People overlooked him when he was on the Awards show showing his cakes but nobody had a problem with it but they had a problem with Lil Nas X outfit. He did that tease with Rhyheim and that was dead. Now he doing this shit, that’s dead too. He just taking whoever dumb enough to follow his tactics money. Now he claiming his head game strong. Wonder if his job will be there when Mona give them that call back.

  2. I mean if people are paying for it, good for him but I am very bored. This is acting and it’s very obvious, Bobby needs to get those cheeks actually clapped before I even consider (unlikely) purchasing. He does get all the fine ones. Rashad is one of my favourites, he is someone I actually find really attractive because most of these pornstars aren’t even remotely cute to me. I find myself following the bottoms because they occasionally pull some fine-ass men.

  3. THERE IS NOTHING ON BOBBY LYTE’S OF except ass shots! I paid $20 Expecting to see him get dug out and it’s nothing but long ass teasers.

    DO NOT BUY!!!!!

    I called my bank and disputed the charge so fast

    1. I would be SO embarrassed to have the bank teller judge me as I say “I don’t know how this OnlyFans charge got on my statement…”

      1. It’s over the phone hoe and even if it was in person they work for me, it’s my money, and I make 10xs more then these lil bank tellers to be embarrassed about how I spend my money TF BITCH!!

        1. I don’t judge people who pay for OnlyFans. I would just dispute the charge online. Everybody knows what OnlyFans is and it would be awkward.

      1. I personally believe giving up the body during quarantine guarantees getting ghosted after we have a vaccine. If you don’t respect your temple, why should he come to worship? It’s so desperate honestly. This is the time to see if he can hold a conversation and keep you afloat after he floods you.

        1. ^ i feel like a lot to people are settling until this rona is over.
          once we can go back outside with no issues,
          a lot of these “relationships” are gonna come to an end.

          1. ^ i feel like a lot to people are settling until this rona is over.
            a lot of these “relationships” are gonna come to an end.
            Preach this Sunday!
            These ronaships will sink!

  4. I don’t know why most people have a problem with models looking at the camera in porn I personally find it very hot it makes me feel like I am part of the whole thing like their are looking at me especially when the wolf is as hot as Rashad or Tyrolland

  5. I don’t give a fuck how fine a nigga is, he will NOT spit in my fucking mouth! And the Rona numbers up again. 🗣️🗣️ THE FUCK

    1. LMFAOOOOOOOOO. Yo, I promise I felt that 😂😂😂😂 People be letting people get away with too much chile. Idc how sexy a nigga is or how much in the mood we are. Spitting on me is a NO NO as is piss. God bless them though.

  6. Well it’s nice to see that Miss Bobby and Malik Joseph are having a good ole time during Covid. I honestly can’t wait to see who the two of them snag next. It seems like this Pandemic is the best thing that could’ve ever happened to them.

  7. Everything about this just grieved my spirit. Bobby Lytes page is trash. Watching a turtle cross the street is more fun than his content. This doesn’t make his page anymore appealing. They can all go away.

  8. Bobby? Is that what they call that? The thing that was stalkin that bottom Nicki stan Nas X? The perfect example of everything lite aint right. That nigg is fug af.

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